The Ordinary Moments – Christmas Lists


It’s started. It’s probably (definitely) my fault.

I should have known banging on about staying on the good list from mid November was an error. It’s still a month away and for a three year old that’s a lifetime. Still, Christmas is all about the anticipation and anticipate it he does.

One of the best bits of Christmas for me as a kid was perusing the Argos catalogue with my sisters and ripping out all the things we wanted. We’d stick them in our letters to Father Christmas before burning them in the open fire, the smoke signals sent the Argos code numbers off to the north pole apparently – clever stuff.

Anyway I ordered the Smyth’s toy catalogue for his nibs (because I am an idiot) so he could do the same. Since it arrived a few days ago he had pored over his ‘toy book’ constantly. The commentary goes a little something like this….

Want that, want that, want all of those ones too, and that, and one of those, and those and that one, that one and two of those ones and all of them‘ Yep kid, you’ll be lucky! Especially if you keep up with the 6.30am drop kicks to the head.

I love that he is really getting into Christmas this year though, all the traditions and all of the build up. I’m not quite sure what is better, being the kid who experiences the magic or being the parent who helps bring it all to life for them. Based on my excitement levels already I’m pretty sure it’s the latter :)

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31 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Christmas Lists

  1. notafrumpymum

    Awww, how lovely. I agree with you about the excitement at bringing the magic to life. My little man has only just turned 2, so won’t really “get it” this year, but that’s not stopping us doing all the Christmassey stuff with him. I’m much more excited than he will be but loving the build up, it’s the best part of Christmas. xx

  2. Carie

    For me it’s definitely about being the parent that brings it to life – but I think it’s always been that way for me. From my early teens onwards I can remember the best thing about Christmas being the build up; all the little family rituals that make it “properly Christmas”, and I was just bursting by Christmas morning with wanting to give the family their presents. It’s the same now, I’ve got all of these ideas for things that Kitty and Elma would love that I’m just itching to get and give to them!

  3. Mummy Glitzer

    I am definitely loving being the parent, helping to bring it to life despite the constant “I want *insert the name of the toy that was just advertised*” but then much like Carie, it’s been the same for me since my early teens as I am the eldest (three younger siblings, six younger cousins and a super close family). I am already incredibly excited about this year as Harry is also at an age he is just starting to understand.

  4. mylittledreamworld1

    I’ve been the same! We made a list with the Argos catalogue (I even made a special trip to get one!) and spent a couple of hours cutting and sticking her ‘list’. I did sets rule that it had to fit on a sheet of A4 card though lol…it was crammed full but she managed it with a bit of negotiation! It’s a really exciting time of year xx

  5. jennypaulin

    awwwww what sweet photos :) We have this with the adverts on the TV – Burton announces he wants something and then Jenson says he does too straight after! it is exciting being excited for your little ones at christmas – i am a big kid about it anyway so i find it easy to go along with them x x

  6. jripatti

    Love this tradition. I think it’s the little kid inside us that makes Christmas so magical. I can’t wait to do our elf getting up to mischief. It’s such a small gap where we can enjoy their innocence and join in the traditions.

  7. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    I’m so excited about Xmas this year, the older the kids get the more exciting it is! I’m trying to make it more about traditions and fun activities as oppose to just about presents though otherwise they will disappointed not to receive that much! x

  8. mummydaddyme

    Love this! And I totally did the same thing with the Argos catalogue- I loved it!! I am so so so so so so excited about Christmas! x

  9. 3yearsandhome

    The Argos catalogue is the ultimate Christmas book. I’ve told CK that he can pick one toy and everytime he asks if he can have something, I say, ‘of course, if that’s the one you want’ – let’s see if he’s old enough to understand that he’s not getting them all.

  10. Nell@PigeonPairandMe

    I’m a bit afraid of introducing a toy catalogue to our Austin. For about 6 weeks before his birthday, he slept with the page from his Octonauts magazine that advertised all the toys…it was in tatters by the time the Big Day came round!

  11. sleepisfortheweak

    We used to call the Argos catalogue a laminated book of dreams. While my kids are a little older than yours , they both at some ungodly hour in September woke us with lists for Santa and have been talking between themselves about it since the start of the summer holidays. Stupidly the excitement caused by my son actually wanting to write something was enough to wake both my husband and I as he went through his current list .
    Since then I have bribed them into good behaviour by telling them , the sensor light on the alarm is switches on when the elves are checking in and report back to Santa if they are good or not… .. This Morning they have been discussing when the easter bunny delivers . ..Aaaah it’s all to soon.


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