The Ordinary Moments – Hide and Seek


‘Lets play hide and seek!’

Always the same place, always in full view with his little hands covering his eyes.

I wonder how old he will be when he realises that just because he can’t see me, it doesn’t mean i can’t see him.

I hope not for a while, it’s just part of the beautiful, innocent, simplistic way of a young child.

Growing up, gaining knowledge, and understanding – it all comes with a price. But for now his world remains so free.

3 years old, what a happy place to be.

If only he knew it!

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20 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Hide and Seek

  1. mummydaddyme

    Mads does the exact same thing, or she will come out of her hiding place when I shout that I am coming. Bless them! Love his retro sofa too- would love it for photo shoots!

  2. cariemay

    I love the I can’t see you therefore you can’t see me hiding logic, I think I’m going to miss it when Kitty figures it out!

  3. 3yearsandhome

    Love this! Hide and seek is a huge favourite here to. CK hides behind a door every time but he always slams it first so I know exactly which room he’s in. It’s so funny.

  4. jennypaulin

    oh this is just so true and wondeful it made me smile – i love his hiding position and the look of surprise when you must have found him lol! as you say i adore the innocence of being able to hide just by closing your eyes x

  5. TalesofaTwinMum

    I love playing hide and seek with toddlers! (and I LOVE the sofa in your pic – how cute is that?!) My boys are almost four and they do similar things. The other day we were late for pre-school and I was running around the house shouting for T1 who was hiding. I found him in the bathroom giggling with his hands over his eyes hiding from me. I love that moment of pretending you really can’t see them and seeing their face when they reveal themselves to you. x


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