I heart DisneyCollectorBR


She’s a mystery woman, no one really knows anything about her other than she has one of the most popular YouTube channels in existence. Last month she ranked no.3 worldwide amassing over 225 million views in June alone.

She’s like the pied piper of YouTube. No one really knows how their kids even found her. But they did, and they were sucked in by the strangely enticing videos of her unwrapping kinder eggs, unboxing Disney toys and giving play-doh demos.

She has lovely manicured nails, but like Dr. Claw you never see her face.

She’s your best friend at 5.30am in the morning or when you have brought the kids to the pub in a desperate attempt to demonstrate that you still have some sort of semblance of a thing called a life.

She is your hero on a bad day.

Yet there are a lot of people out there that would have you believe that iPads are the epitome of evil. I came across an article last week on the Guardian, 25 best apps to keep the kids entertained this summer and some of the comments made my eyes widen.

”What a stupid article highlighting more useless drivel to hinder their childs development. How about not relying on electronic devices to keep children occupied. Old fashioned parental interaction with the child should be norm.” >> sometimes you just can’t turn ‘ROAWWWWAUUUUUUWWAAA’ into a two way conversation

”If you don’t want to ‘deal’ with kids, don’t make them” >> well hindsight is a wonderful thing

”We play count the colours with cars coming the other way. If you are on a non dual carriageway it will pass the time really well. Each occupant of the car picks a colour and it is first to one hundred. Hint: pick silver, you will win every time! When the kids figure this out then those who don’t pick silver get to choose two colours.” >> sounds a bit sh*t tbh

”the constant default to occupy children by planting their face in front of a screen is not the answer. People managed fine before ipads / smartphones etc.” >> and washing machines, cars, hair straighteners, gin in a tin etc etc etc

I’m sure the answer here is not black and white, it’s all just a case of balance.

To be fair its rare for my boys to express a preference to watch TV or play on the iPad; which is either lucky or unlucky depending on which way you look at it. I’ll find something on the Sky box or load up a CBeebies app when i need to get something done or when we are in a situation where i know they will get bored. The thought of a plane journey without technological support is enough to make me weep.

But i don’t think for me it feels all to different to when i was a kid. Sure we spent a lot of time playing out in the street until it got dark but i also have many happy memories waiting in anticipation for Ghostbusters to load up on the Spectrum, playing Kings Quest on the PC and Alex Kidd on the Master System (which incidentally, i was ace at).

If i start listing 80’s kids TV programmes – Jamie and the Magic Torch, Dogtanion, Superted, Bagpuss, Button Moon, The Mysterious Cities of Gold – who doesn’t get a warm and fuzzy glow inside? Toast and telly, good times. The difference now is more options and more portability but as long as you set limits i really don’t see a problem, particularly considering the output is a lot more educational than it was.

So yeh, call me a bad mum if you see me in my local, kids under the care of the auto nanny. I just wanted to be able to eat my roast you know…


Plus another thing – why is no one banging on about about adults use of screen time? Is it not too much to spend all day at work staring at a computer screen and then go home and watch Eastenders whilst simultaneously messing about on Facebook, doing an online shop and commenting on articles about the negative effects of technology on kids?

Should we all be filling our evenings riding scooters, baking sh*t looking fairy cakes and making rocket ships out of old loo roll tubes?

No? Don’t fancy it?

Well sod off then haters.



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37 thoughts on “I heart DisneyCollectorBR

  1. Alison @ Not Another Mummy Blog

    Hahah! GENIUS. I heart DisneyCollectorBR too. She is my hero. Partly because she has made a career out of videoing her hands opening and playing with toys. I bet she gets sent so much free stuff!!
    I blogged about her (and other weird things my daughter watches on YouTube like people opening Kinder eggs) and now lots of people land on my blog by Googling “DisneyCollectorBR’s face” – people REALLY want to see this lady’s face!

  2. Kerrie McGiveron

    I frigging LOVE Disney Collector. I love her sweet voice as well she is so cute. I reckon my kids have racked up thousands of views for her, and fair play to that woman. I was also ace at Alex Kidd and quite possibly spent too much time in front of the TV. Now I don’t get time to watch the telly so it all balances out really. To be honest the only way we get to finish our teas is by a) let them use the iPad/tablet thingy b) give them dessert – if they have already had it then it’s either back to a) or c) bribe the eldest to play with them for ten minutes. And to keep them amused she generally puts Disney Collector on….. I’m not getting anywhere here am I :) xxx

  3. Laura @mummytoboyz

    Ha ha – I think the haters either don’t have kids or theirs are on the auto nanny whiles they type anon. They obviously have never raised a boisterous boy! Tech/TV time is my biggest bribe :-) We do limit the TV only because it was sending O into a raving angry head and he was a real TV addict! Nothing wrong with it xx

  4. cariemay

    I’ve never seen Disney Collector but I definitely get the sentiment – when we flew to Gibraltar last summer you can bet I went online and stocked up the iPad with some apps I thought the girls would enjoy and it worked really well to keep them entertained on the flight – somehow I don’t think my reading loudly enough for them to hear me over the engines, Duplo, playdoh or cutting and sticking would have been appreciated by our fellow passengers or the aircrew! As you say it’s all about balance and priorities – and I’m sure the kids get far more out of some of the apps then any adult might out of an episode of Eastenders!

  5. aimeehorton

    oooh! We haven’t found this, but I do have a feeling it’s the same as Stampy for Minecraft (who I know I should hate, but am slowly growing to love especially as I’ve seen him on BBC breakfast recently). I hate people who say the equivalent to “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” Chuff off you arrogant little twit, I can’t wait for you to do time for your crime which you think will be perfectly executed but is in fact just as much a mistake as all ours.

    I’m not saying my children are mistakes, but…shit. You know what I mean.

    1. hurrahforgin

      Yep i get you!! :) And you serioulsy need this woman in your life…i am looking forward to the minecraft years later on. And that’s ok right as it’s maths? x

  6. katy

    Omg I love this! It is so true, everything in moderation. Unless the person judging is in fact Amish then they can bog off! Everyone uses technology for something or other so why not the children. I am going to have a nosey at the rest of your blog now.

  7. Tim

    I’ll have to look into this for my kids! I’m reasonably relaxed about using screens to allow my wife and I to actually get through a meal before all the food has congealed. Technology is there to assist us, and I’ve given up worrying about the judgmental looks I sometimes get from other people. If people want to judge my overall parenting skills based on 45 minutes in a restaurant, that’s really their problem and not mine.

  8. Notmyyearoff

    We watch her!! I’m not even sure how z found her but where the heck does she get all her eggs from?? Have you ever watched Rosanna Pansino cake videos? They’re really addictive too!

  9. therealmrsbash

    I have just put DisneyCollectorBR into YouTube! Oh my word!!!! Who is she? That accent, those nails, the toys…!! Needless to say my 5 year old now wants Princess Sofia play-doh!
    As for screen time…. In moderation isn’t it and if it gives us mummies 2 minutes piece – I’m in!!

  10. Jenny

    Katie I love this. So very true I complete agree. People are judging so much lately what we do with our kids and techonology, how about the ipad actually is the one that taught my child all his numbers to 25 and letters and shapes and colors. Can’t say many of my judgy friends kids can do all that at 2. hahahaha Adults are way worse at online time I am guilty of it too and trying to make more loo roll characters and those fatting fairy cakes too! hahahah Great post.

    1. hurrahforgin

      I’m terrible too Jenny – sometimes i rue the day i started blogging for that reason! But for kids, yep totally for educational purposes ;)
      p.s wow your boy sounds clever x

  11. lifewithmunchers

    I haven’t seen this, although hubs has enlightened Munch to Hoopla kids on you tube. I was only just feeling a tad guilty yesterday about the sheer amount of tv Munch has watched since we bought a dvd player, so I feel a bit better in good company here :) x

  12. brummymummyof2

    We got the google chrome thingy for our tele. And now? My girl? CAN WATCH KINDER EGGS ON THE BIG TELE!! This seems to have blown her tiny little mind. She cannot believe such joy exists in the world. She loves it so much. And I strangely like it too. I find it relaxing and I can doze on the bed whilst she dreams of getting snow white in an egg (when all she ever gets is shit ducks and weird puzzles grrrr) xxx

  13. rztaylor

    What I’ve never understood is why people put limits on screen time, but nothing else? How about a limit on “fresh air time” (too much sun is bad for your skin!) or how about a limit on “reading a book time”?

    If you limit something you make it more desirable. Neither of my children have a limit on how long they can watch TV or play on the ipad… But you know what, they’d rather play board games, run around like loons outside or play with their friends. The screen becomes something they do when they are bored.

    Personally I’m OK with that.

    1. hurrahforgin

      Good point! I guess it only really becomes an issue if your kids are total couch potatoes but i imagine that’s rare. I don’t feel i need to limit it really as, as i said my boys would much rather be out and about or causing havoc ;)

  14. WallyMummy

    I had not heard of this lady at all! But you have given me new iPad fodder :)) and I’ll have you know I can make an excellent periscope for looking at the iPad through from a loo roll thanks very much… ;)

  15. Not A Frumpy Mum

    I need to find DisneyCollectorBR, never heard of her before but she sounds like a goddess.
    Oh, I was one of those mums in the early days. “Look at them sticking their kid in front of the iPad whilst they eat, tut tut, crap parenting!” You can do this whilst your child is a baby and sleeps through for your entire meal, but then they turn 2 and if watching Tree Fu Tom means I get to eat my dinner whilst it’s still warm so be it. And gives me time for a second (or third) glass of wine ;-) xxx

  16. tobygoesbananas

    Hitting the nail right on the head again Kaite! Toby isn’t really old enough to appreciate iPad time yet (also, we don’t have an iPad!) but I definitely stick CBeebies on when I need to get stuff done/ him to stop whining. And I have been know to let him play with my phone to keep him still for 2 seconds so I can change his nappy….which worked fantastically well until he managed to drop it on his face! Maybe screen time is dangerous after all….

  17. pottymouthedmummy

    Ha ha this really made me chuckle. If we eat out the pad comes too. And I look around at other parents who all give us the disapproving stare. Yet their kids are the ones causing carnage. And in fairness a lot of shows/apps are pretty educational! X

    1. hurrahforgin

      Eating out is the time you get the most evils but it’s also the time i am most likely to use it! We don’t bother much at home as its easier to occupy them but when you are waiting ages for food it can be hell!

  18. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    I’ve actually never heard of this but I don’t understand people who are anti-telly! There are times when it is such a lifesaver! Last night I introduced Tiger to Cars for the first time and when he sat watching it happily for over half an hour I felt happier than when he said his first word, well not quite but nearly ;) x

  19. mummydaddyme


  20. Mummy Says

    I think Milin must be the only kid in the universe not to have discovered Disney Collector yet. Wondering how long this will last. Probably for as long as keeps pressing repeat on Lego Friends episodes….. Don’t think I’d cope without my youtube babysitting girls! x


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