Wine O’Clock

I drink more now that i have children.

Kids in bed, feet up, glass of wine. That’s how it goes.

It’s a marker for the end of the day. A treat – a pat on the back for getting through it.


It’s not to get drunk and it’s usually only a glass – it’s the frequency that’s the problem. Well, is it a problem? I don’t know.

I do know that It’s a psychological crutch. I have the same thing with coffee in the mornings; If I’ve had a bad nights sleep i say to myself ‘it doesn’t matter, have a coffee and you’ll be ok’. In the same way if I’m having a bad day i say to myself ‘it doesn’t matter, nearly bath time, then you can relax with a glass of (insert name of alcoholic beverage)’.

Alcohol consumption is a funny thing because it varies so much from person to person – what’s normal for one person is the polar opposite of another. The NHS recommends no more than 14 units per week for a women; i know that figure as i always go in just under at 10-12 whenever i am asked by the doctor! The reality is that I’m usually quite a bit over.

So with all this in mind we are currently enforcing a new two days off regime. There will be no drinking on Mondays and Wednesdays in our household.

No ice cold beer, no comforting glasses of red, no cheeky G&T’s in tall clinky glasses.


Tonight i am having a delicious glass of lemon squash and it feels good…..well it’s ok or, um, bearable?!

Actually it sucks a bit.

*taps fingers on table* is it tomorrow yet?

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25 thoughts on “Wine O’Clock

  1. indreamworld

    Oh, I hear ya, as I’m a big fan of ‘wine o’ clock’ too. Lately though I’ve been trying to replace it with ‘hot chocolate o’clock’ instead. Got myself a proper hot choc mug and everything in the hope that ‘bringing out the mug’ associates my mind with the end of the day and heralds a new habit!
    It works too (well, most of the time… :-) )

    1. hurrahforgin

      That’s such a good idea! I need a hit chocolate mug and all the trimming too. You see it’s just the association thing that I need to break. Thanks for your comment :)

  2. lollielu95

    Love this…as I have just finished my well earned glass of wine after “one of those days”!! I justify it though by thinking that instead of downing a bottle (or 2!!) on a Saturday night, like I would have pre baby, I know spread it out over the week..surely thats a more sensible approach to my wine consumption?! ;)

  3. 3yearsandhome

    I think that a glass a night is far better for you than getting slaughtered at a weekend. It doesn’t sound too bad to me. I rarely drink – I’ve had almost five years of being either on medication, pregnant or breastfeeding and I really don’t have the taste for it anymore. Maybe once or twice a month, I have a really good beer or a nice glass of wine. I guess living in Switzerland has had a bit of an impact too as the drinking culture is totally different.

  4. Dean B

    I agree too … I don’t think a daily glass of wine won’t do you any harm, especially if it’s after a particularly stressful day. Some days I say to my husband, I need a glass of whisky even though I don’t drink the stuff, like you I like wine, a cold beer and must not forget pear cider and all the other delicious fruity, yes, alcoholic drinks. And like you, I’ve never had any more than a glass (unless we have visitors or there’s an occasion) ;)

  5. Multi Layer Mummy

    I have a (large) glass about 3 times a week, really enjoy it and yes sometimes I really need/derserve it! A couple of days off a week or so is good, I couldn’t drink every night as I’m such a cheap date, goes straight to my head!

  6. mummydaddyme

    When I was working my job was quite stressful and I would come home almost daily and need a couple of glasses of wine to relax me. I used to go out a lot and drink too. I then became pregnant with Mads and since then have been pregnant with LL or breastfeeding for the last three years almost, and I just don’t need it as much as I used too. Don’t get me wrong I will have a glass or two at the weekend, but not every weekend, and I drink more in the summer when we are outside having BBQs and during the Christmas period, but I rarely drink anything compared to what I used too. x

  7. Thao

    I’m not fussed about alcohol these days but am going out for dinner at an Italian restaurant tomorrow and already looking forward to a glass or two of Prosecco! On another note, I’ve been meaning to msg you for a while to say hi & how’s it going with 2 kiddies but I’m so bad at getting round to doing things. Then I came across your blog via notanothermummyblog & it looks like you’re doing fab despite those days that we all have. Really enjoy your posts, so many funny & touching posts all keeping it real! Thao X

    1. hurrahforgin

      Hi Thao! How lovely to hear from you. You are the first real life person to find my blog – it’s not a secret but i just haven’t really told anyone about it, it’s a nice coincidence you came across it :)

      I hope you enjoy your glasses of prosecco tomorrow. We were all (chatsmore lot) talking about Leo the other day by the way and everyone agreed he is just about the cutest baby we had ever seen. So beautiful :) x

  8. Kerrie McGiveron

    I am EXACTLY the same, and I know that it is not good. I might take a leaf out of your book and have a couple of days off a week. I probably have about 1 day off a week on average. Wine does help me relax and I enjoy it. But when I was pregnant with the babies I never had any, so surely I can just not drink? Nope, it’s my little treat. But I probably do need to cut down. This is a good, honest post and it’s really got me thinking now x ;)

  9. Wicked World of Lucas

    A daily glass of wine doesn’r do you any harm – it’s fruit right? part of your five a day????? Sorry but I spoke with my GP about this and he states that a glass a day doesn’r do any harm and is far healthier than those who binge at the weekends. Great post – and it’s a Friday today – enjoy your glass :) #PoCoLo

  10. Actually Mummy

    With me once I start it’s always half a bottle hence no alcohol these days for me Monday – Thursday, but yes it totally is an emotional crutch that began when my first child was born!

  11. Victoria Welton (@VicWelton)

    It’s funny because we were having a conversation about this last weekend! I have always been a ‘drink at the weekend’ kind of person whereas Ross is from a family who tends to drink every evening (and they are very fit people who run all the time). I think all things in moderation! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x


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