A Family Portrait For October



Happy Halloween! I have been wondering how many of the Me & Mine’s would be themed this month. It was pretty much a no brainier for us – cute baby/small child outfits for sale? Lemme at em.

We’ve had a funny old time this month – full of ups and downs. We had our first proper illness since Baby S arrived and looking after 2 poorly littlies was challenging to say the least.

On the upside (or down side?!) Baby S has learnt to crawl, then pull himself up and now cruise – this guy if on fire!!



F’s reaction? ‘Can you put S in his cage mummy, please, PLEASE?’ (disclaimer – I don’t really have a cage, just a travel cot in the lounge – useful for toilet stops/gin breaks).

But you know what, i am secretly loving the way that my littlest’s mobility has changed the dynamic of our family once again. Suddenly he is able to participate in so much more and even though F’s reaction is not always positive they are, at least, properly interacting. Plus there is no greater feeling than calling your baby’s name and see them come bumbling towards you with a big grin on their face :)


So back to Halloween, we will all be dressing up again later today and meeting friends for the afternoon at our local pub. It’s super kid friendly and is turning into a ‘Haunted Halloween House’ with spooky story telling, face painting and shocktails for the adults. perfect!

We are also going to take the boys to a few of our neighbours houses trick or treating before bed as we live in a very family friendly area, last year we were out of treats by about 5.30! I hope you have a lovely Halloween whatever you are doing x



dear beautiful

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29 thoughts on “A Family Portrait For October

  1. kukolina

    The pictures are divine! You guys are so cool! I can appreciate it a lot when I see people being playful! And I think Halloween is a typical holiday that just allows you to have fun!
    The local pub sounds strangely baby friendly.
    How old is S?
    When you have a time… could you take a look at the pictures I took of Zoárd. He is 9 months old…
    Have lots and lots of fun!
    PS: are you sure you do not have a cage?!
    xoxo, Eszter

  2. lucy dearbeautiful (@dear_beautiful_)

    These are great photos. I love how in that first one, the grown ups look like they are really getting into character, while the children look like they are simply tolerating it and humouring you.
    It certainly changes the dynamic once number two gets on the move, but we too found it much easier once the children could interact more. x

  3. cariemay

    Oh they’re so cute all dressed up! That’s one scary vampire mind you, all your costumes are brilliant. It’s so exciting that your littlest boy is crawling, it does change the dynamic again but for us it also marked the start of Elma being able to interact more with Kitty which I love.

  4. Becky

    These are fab! Glad to see we’re not the only ones getting dressed up this month. Your kids look SO comfy in their Halloween costumes!!! I’m a bit jealous :)

  5. Katie @mummydaddyme

    I love these photos, they are fantastic, your little people look very cute dressed up. And I totally agree with you about moving changing the dynamics. LL is pretty much crawling and all of a sudden it feels like she is even more part of the family, not that she wasn’t before but she is now much more interactive. x

    1. hurrahforgin

      Thanks Katie – i was dreading the crawling this time round but have surprised myself with how much i absolutely love it. It has sort of evened things out and put us all on a level playing field – it feels even more like a proper family x

  6. Nip it in the bud

    what fun you had with this month’s pics :o)
    I chuckled at the request to put the baby in the cage. When E was a newborn we had a soft carry bag on loan from our friends buggy – it must have sounded just as bad when he’d get tired and we’d say ”I think it’s time to stick him in the bag”


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