Ode to the summer born


The application is submitted,
No longer can we ignore,
That to school we’ll be committed,
When you’ve only just turned four.

They say that you will struggle,
Not prepared for what’s in store,
That there’s a lot for you to juggle,
And it’s hard for those of four.

It might be tough to do alone,
Getting dressed is still a chore.
Still by then you will have grown,
We’ve time until your four.

I know that you’re excited,
For what you’ll see, do and explore,
And the nerves won’t be invited,
You’re so brave at not yet four.

First days soon, will come about
And I’ll lead you through the door.
I’ll try my hardest not to shout,
‘My baby’s just turned four!’

So I could say that i will miss you*,
And collapse upon the floor.
But I’ll just be proud and kiss you,
So grown up at only four.

(*plus I really won’t miss the incessant whinging, pushing cars around the floor all day and paying for childcare #joking #notreallyjoking)

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33 thoughts on “Ode to the summer born

  1. Multi Layer Mummy

    brilliant, mine is all submitted too, she’ll be just 4 too, lots of parents at the school look around evening were really worried about it, soft start though & they said we can do less days if necessary, it’s all going to be ok, isn’t it???

    1. hurrahforgin

      They will be juts fine!! :) I volunteered in reception for a bit and it’s mostly free flow play so very like nursery/pre-school. Mainly they are juts getting them used to sitting still and listening etc x

  2. Nell@PigeonPairandMe

    Me too! An exciting time, if a bit weird. I woke up this morning thinking about how much I’ll miss Austin – we have no paid-for childcare at all, so apart from 3 hours a morning when he’s at the school nursery, we’re together all day long (with Gwen too). This brings lots of challenges….but I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to these special days. Great post, spot-on!

    1. hurrahforgin

      Thank you :) My son does two days at pre-school but apart from that we are all together too, I think going full time may be a bit hard at first but he loves pre-school so hopefully he will be ok! Hope you get the choice you want xx

  3. Amy @2boys1mum

    Oh this must be so hard! Luckily I’m never going to have to deal with this because my children are going to stop growing at 2. I’ve told them to stay babies forever and they both agreed, so that’s a relief! :)

    I’m sure your big brave 4 year old will thrive in school! Xx

  4. Olivia FitzGerald

    Oh this brings back memories. My first ever blog post was about my twins starting Montessori back in September. I was so worried, but I had no need. They were ready for it and have developed and grown in so many ways since they started. They’ll start school next Sept when they’re nearly 5. :0)

  5. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Aw this is lovely and it scares me as I have all this to come. I am in serious denial about Mads going to school, not because I won’t (slightly) welcome the break and think its going to be good for her, but because I cannot believe I will have a FOUR nearly FIVE year old! x

  6. PhotoPuddle

    My daughter is an October baby so one of the more grown up ones in her reception class. It’s funny how teeny some of the summer born children are in comparison. That said they all seem to be doing just fine and really benefitting from being around the older ones.
    Personally I am pleased she was an October baby as it felt like I got more time at home with her. She has late summer born friends who are essentially the same age who started big school before her. I feel like I had a bonus year!
    Oh and what a wonderful poem xxx

  7. cariemay

    Oh my goodness – how can that be happening so soon! I get to be in denial for a bit as Kitty’s a September birthday so I get another year’s grace/nursery fees, but as a summer baby myself I started full days aged four and a couple of months and never looked back!

  8. maddy@writingbubble

    Awww. My second son is an end-of-august birthday and last september he started school only days after his birthday. So this poem really strikes a chord with me! My little guy is coping really well though (mostly) and I’m sure yours will too. x #prose4T

  9. Colette B

    Love this. My eldest two are summer born. I’m not convinced B’s teacher ‘allows’ for this at times but he’s coping well :) x
    (And you will enjoy those moments of peace!)

  10. babymakesthree3

    Beautiful! I teach (SEN now) but have taught early years in the past and whilst some summer borns are ready some really are! And some autumn born children aren’t ready at just 5 either. Hope he enjoys it!

  11. oddlyactive

    I think reception year kids always look WAY TOO SMALL to be there! A huge bittersweet jolt to see them in their ‘bukiforms’ for the first time, and a major tear-jerker when the first Easter Parade or School production comes round. Enjoy all the milestones, and enjoy the ‘you’ space too :) #prose4t etc

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