Our football pizza party

From time to time mummy gets asked to review things on this blog, usually she can’t be arsed. Her policy is to say yes to alcohol, food or holidays so when Domino’s contacted her and asked her to hold a football pizza party she was all like ‘great that will be one dinner i don’t have to cook then.’

The biggest worry when you get take out is always – are you sure you got enough?!


Lets get stuck into the kronie then!


Domino’s have a new Carnivale pizza range inspired by Latin American Flavours. The Fiesta was lovely and tasted like fajitas.


Our favourite was the Rio though with yummy pulled barbacoa beef and chipotle sauce.


She has no shame in feeding it to the babies who lapped it up too.


It tasted even nicer dipped in beer.


Pizza makes people happy #fact.



Another good idea is to hide some down your pants for later.


Then it was time to watch the game.


I am Christ the Redeemer and you only get to watch the football if i say so!


And then it was all over :( with heavy hearts and very heavy bellies it was time for bed.


Thank you to Domino’s who sent us lots of lovely delicious things for free! All our opinions are honest though, we little folk just love a good pizza :)


P.S. I have a new book OUT NOW! You can nab it on Amazon here or in your lovely local bookshop :)


32 thoughts on “Our football pizza party

  1. PhotoPuddle

    My general rule with blogs is not really to bother reading sponsored posts. But I have read this one and now I really fancy takeaway pizza! Congratulations Domino’s!

  2. lifewithmunchers

    Get. In. My. Belly! I love pizza! It’s the one thing I miss now I’m on this diet that consists of stuff from trees :(


  3. wrymummy

    When is a sponsored post not a sponsored post? When you write it you brilliant lady! Loved your take on this, and the pizza down the pants. And your boys are WELL cute! I think we are the only people in the world who haven’t written a BML post ;) I am going to keep it that way. I love Kronie, much prefer it from the tap though. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, meeting you was a big highlight and I”m so glad you were just like your blog ;) xxx

  4. cariemay

    Oh that looks like a great party – love the Christ the Redeemer impression – and the pizza looks like it made everyone very happy :)

  5. Complicated Gorgeousness

    Awh man now I want pizza and beer tonight with the England match and I have 9 stone to lose for my holidays. Damn you gin. Tis was so so lovely to meet you at weekend xx Love the pizza down the pants photo haha x

  6. suzanne3childrenandit

    Best. Review. Ever. I love the ‘shoving pizza down the pants’ pic haha! Pizza does make everyone happy :) x

  7. Rachel - 3yearsandhome

    I think I would’ve said yes to this review as well even though I seem to live in the only street in Wales that Dominos don’t deliver to. Still, I have received a pair of shoes to review today. It’s not all bad :-)

  8. mummydaddyme

    Haha love it. I don’t do all that many reviews either but I totes would for pizza. That first photo with all the ice cream made me so hungry. Yum. Was a pleasure to meet you at the weekend Katie, you are exactly as I thought you would be. Wish we had longer to chat although I am glad we still managed a couple. x

  9. WallyMummy

    Do you know how hungry reading this post has just made me! I reckon I could actually live off pizza – bloody love the stuff. Plus – it’s all my bastard toddler will eat! lol xx Was so lovely to meet you at the weekend misses x I wish I could have been on the wine and enjoying it even more but hey – there’s always next year! (When I’ll more than likely have a 6 month old permanently latched to my nipple… great…) Still say you were robbed! But hey – BRING ON THE MADS :))) x


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