A Family Portrait For August


I have been bad this month and am very late to the party with my me and mine family portrait (sorry!). It was taken at Bodium castle which is just stunning but it’s not a great photo in itself, this was our one option taken by a passer by. The boys look a bit moody and there was a bunch of randoms standing to the right of us which the husband managed to photoshop out, not at all too shabbily ;)

This month has been super busy and i’ve been floundering a bit. My excuses are a birthday party for the biggest, a dislocated elbow for the littlest, getting ready for school for the biggest, finding a new nursery for the littlest, starting a new job for me, lots of blogging commitments I am very behind on, house/cat/finance/small person admin…

Apologies for all the comments I have not replied to/returned and for generally being a bad blogger. I can’t keep up at the moment, especially as we are now Games of Thrones addicts. I can’t watch that and faff about on my laptop as i’ll have missed about 5 be-headings in the time it takes to reply to a tweet!

Anyway wishing everybody a very happy September and good luck to all the little school starters out there x


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This post is linked up to the very lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful’s family portrait project, a great way to make sure you get a monthly family snap :) click the button below to read more posts or join in.

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12 thoughts on “A Family Portrait For August

  1. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    Your husband has skills! Love the disappearing legs. I’m out of breath just reading all the things that you have to do. When will you have time for gin-drinking and cheese-eating?! The world is worried and needs to know that these will continue.

  2. suzanne3childrenandit

    Ooh not watched Game of Thrones – sounds like time well spent to me! Well done on even getting a family snap, I don’t think we’ve had one of those for years! Good luck to you and yours on a new year. What’s the job? x x

  3. Honest Mum

    Love the photoshop job and Games of Thrones addicts or not, we’ve all been taking the summer a bit easier and slower-it’s weird to think my eldest starts school soon! Anyway STUNNING pic of a bloody gorgeous family…will let you get back to GOT! hehe! Mwah xx

  4. Katie @mummydaddyme

    I think its a lovely photo of you all and great photo shop skills by the hubby! I know what you mean on the blog floundering, I have been the same the last few weeks and it is only going to get worse because I have such a busy September. Hope your littlest is ok with a bad elbow. :(

  5. Donna

    Great effort on the photoshop! I love the location of the photo, so different. No worries about not being around much – We’re into Game of Thrones too and when you finish watching it we’ll all still be here! x


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