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Having kids is an ace and recommendable thing to do (mostly) but what happens afterwards? What happens if you want a career but you can’t work out how to make it work? You might not have a job that’s practical to go back to or they might not consider flexi time. Maybe you lost your job, hate it or maybe you just want to try something different?

I don’t really do promotional stuff on this blog but I really wanted to share with you a few amazing mums doing some really cool stuff. It warms my cockles to see them doing so well, please meet these 5 awesome ladies…

Molly has her fingers in so many pies she needs to open a goddam pie factory. I met up with her last week and I got a feeling of ‘OH MY GOD LET’S GO TAKE OVER THE WORLD TOGETHER’ a bit like Pinky and the Brain… or something. Anyway apart from editing the awesome blogzine Selfish Mother she also flogs these ace sweatshirts of which all profits go towards Women for Women – rebuilding the lives of women from war-torn regions. She is an inspiration.

selfish mother

If you haven’t heard of Kirsty then you should have, she is the funniest woman I have the pleasure of knowing in real life and she has written a book, an actual book! Check out her blog Eee Bah Mum and buy this literary masterpiece for everyone you know who has had or is having babies. It’s more than just a book it’s ACTUAL SANITY.


My wonderful friend Steph runs Don’t Buy her Flowers. Care packages full of thoughtful gifts to treat new mums  (think chocs, cosy socks, magazines, lotions and potions) AND…AND!!!! You can also add proper delicious pre mixed gin. Do I need to go on? Just in case I do she also performs the best drunken lunges I have ever seen which is way up top of the list of qualities I look for in a friend.


Aimee makes me sick because she has written not just one… but five books! They are all about the funny sides of parenting and they all involve heavy gin consumption. What is not to love? She has also nailed the balance of being sweet and supportive alongside being a foul mouthed lush :)


I’ve not personally met Kelly but I have coveted her beautiful Cult Of Youth handmade jewellery for a while. Check out her MAMA necklaces – you can get personalised name necklaces too. Just in case my husband is reading I would like ‘GIN’ in rose gold with a silver chain ;) Ok thank you bye x



P.S. I have a new book OUT NOW! You can nab it on Amazon here or in your lovely local bookshop :)


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