Little F turns the big 3!

One day after your little brother turns 6 months it’s your big day – the big 3! I’d say the years have flown by and i guess they have but i can hardly even remember a time when you weren’t in our lives – what the hell did we do with ourselves?!

Felix 0-30,1,2 and 3!

This birthday feels like a bid deal. Firstly it’s the first one you have been properly excited about and anticipating – you put in requests for your presents (Postman Pats van), your birthday cake (Postman pats van!), and told me who you would like to invite to your party. You are VERY exited about your party!

Secondly being 3 is a big marker in your boyhood. You’ve changed so much over the last few months from a bumbling little toddler into a tiny man with your very own little, or should we say big, personality.

You like – Postman pat! taking to just about everybody we come across in the street, pesto pasta, ice-cream, fixing stuff with your tool kit, racing cars, hiding, running about, your scooter, going to the toilet all by yourself, fire engines, swimming, being outdoors, making car parks, Lily and MILK!

You don’t like – peas, fireworks, leaving Nana’s and Pop’s house, spiders, getting your hands mucky, dance class, putting your toys away, loud noises, getting dressed, strawberries, going home from the park, Octonauts, scary monsters, water and sitting still!

When i look back on video clips of you from 6 months to a year ago you hardly seem like the same person. Your talking had come on in leaps and bounds and now you don’t shut up….ever! The things you come out with are just getting funnier by the day.

Daddy – You’re full of beans today!   
Little F – No I’m not full of beans I’m full of chicken nuggets. I don’t like beans, i like grapes!

To say we are proud of you would be an understatement. Just today you blew us away with your politeness – we wished you a happy birthday when you bounded into our room this morning and you replied with ‘Thank you Mummy and thank you Daddy’. Your little face lit up like a Christmas tree receiving your presents and you thanked Nana and Pop’s for your Pat Helicopter and van without even being asked, telling them how much you loved them. You kept asking ‘can i take them home?’ hardly believing your own luck.

You are a super sociable boy and adore to be with your little friends, you chatter away to everyone and i really hope you keep your confidence as both me and your daddy can be quite shy. When we are out and about you greet everyone we walk past: –

‘Hello, we are going to the park with Harriet. What are you doing? Have you got a ladder? What are you painting that for? I’ve got a blue car, is that your car? Mummy I’m saying hello to the lady can you say hello to her too? Bye everyone, see you later!’

Never stop this please! i always tell you how nice it is to be friendly and it is. You make other people’s days too and i am always getting told how charming you are. Just the other day you ran up to the swings shouting ‘Hello everybody!‘ to 4 little girls getting pushed by their mums. They all laughed and exclaimed what a lovely confident boy you were :)

Ok so far you sound like an angel but I am not going to pretend you are perfect because you have always been a bit of a handful – mainly because you need to be on the move permanently! Even before you could talk you would be banging on the door to get outside in the mornings. At 3 you understand ‘F come back we are going this way’ or ‘You can’t get down and run about in a restaurant’ but getting you to actually do it is another matter – you just look a us with a cheeky grin and bolt.

I would always say ‘Put Little F in a room, filled with whatever his heart desires and he will always head straight for the door desperate to see what is on the other side’. As annoying as it is (especially at a wedding!) i wouldn’t have you any other way and we have, begrudgingly ;), grown to love your desire to explore the big wide world and your determined little personality.

Our cheeky Felix your namesake couldn’t suit you better. Just as you said so yourself today ‘I’m happy and lucky’ – so are we my lovely, so are we xxx


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    1. hurrahforgin

      Ahh happy birthday to your daughter too!! F got a big haul of Postman Pat toys as presents so i have been pushing around his van and helicopter making special deliveries for the last couple of days. Getting a tad tiresome now…. ;)


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