Help! Furniture in Distress

Trendy, coastal, a one-off, modern, eclectic, rustic, expensive looking, a collision of old and new, whimsical (say what?!), contemporary, pleasing to the eye, vintage, vintage looking, bohemian, farmhouse style, unique, classical and classy?


Or just shit looking?

There are shed loads of shops popping up selling this stuff. They are onto a winner. Go buy some crappy old furniture, do a real lazy arse paint job on it, rub a bit off, kick it a few times and charge 5 times the price.

Our kitchen table is from one of such shops, luckily it’s only the legs that have been abused and it’s not that noticeable. I did think about asking what colour paint they used so i could touch it up at home but i was worried i might get shot. But, you know, I just think it would look better painted properly.

Can we all not be a bit kinder to vintage furniture? Respect our elders and all that. Is it really fair to treat it so brutally? I’m pretty sure if someone covered me in whitewash and took a piece of sandpaper to me i would be ‘distressed’ too :(


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10 thoughts on “Help! Furniture in Distress

  1. AtoZ Mummy

    This really made me laugh as I totally agree. I watched Peter Andre’s 60 minute makeover or whatever it’s called (do not say ANYTHING!) and Linda Barker wallpapered a crappy old chest of drawers and then put it back in this poor woman’s bedroom. Not on!!!

  2. happyeverafterbride

    I visited a cafe not too long ago where everything in thre was distressed. I felt like a povo student sitting in there, like I couldn’t afford to be eating Sunday Brunch out since I had such shabby surroundings. Done in moderation I do like shabby chic though. But will keep in mind that #furniturehasfeelingstoo :)


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