Bored? Make Labels!











This post was brought to you in association with myself and my absolutely spiffing motex label maker. It was a Christmas present and i was not renumerated for my time or epic creativity in any way – yes this is my life now, i really am that bored #labelmakinglove




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34 thoughts on “Bored? Make Labels!

  1. cariemay

    Oh that’s not being bored – that’s creativity! Although perhaps I should prescribe a good measure of Mummy’s squash just to be on the safe side! I had a label maker as a child and I loved it – I wish I knew where it was now!

  2. Jess Paterson

    Ha ha, hilarious! Glad to see Santa clocked your wish list. Your little boy’s eyes are so gorgeous! I’m sure the other one’s are too but can’t see em so well. Great prop for a hen night!

  3. Lucy

    Hahahaha. My dad had a label maker like that when we were kids (probably still does I’d dare guess) and we used to sneak it out of the drawer all the time to make silly labels for all sorts of things. And then we’d return it once we’d run out of huge sticker stuff. Hours of fun!!!!! So I totally get why you would entertain yourself like this, in fact I’m jealous. I need a label maker in my life. x

  4. jennypaulin

    omg this is hilarious and such fun!!! i love the FFS one and Mummys squash especially, i may have to get one now!!! x

  5. mummydaddyme

    Haha I love this. I used to have one of these when I was a kid. Love the mine and also mine stickers, so funny! X

  6. Colette B

    I remember my teacher having something like this when we were at primary school! It was a lot less brightly coloured though & certainly not as fun!

  7. Mother.Wife.Me - Luci

    Wholly agree with the ‘hands off’ one, my technique if in a group situation is always to lick the entire bar / each chocolate in the box and then glare…. little worried about the labelling of gin as squash… could lead to terrible toddler consequences ;)))) x

  8. Jenny

    I was as a child and still am a HUGE fan of label making, organizing and making tabs in notebooks. I use to label everything in my parents cupbards. Cereal goes here, spices go here, etc….. it drove them nuts. Need to get me a new one I think my is lost.


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