A Dry January Diary


Yep i’m still not bored of making labels just yet

Although it goes against every fiber or my being i have been attempting a Dry January. The very existence of the word ‘attempting’ may give you a clue as to the confidence i had within myself at the start of the month.

Here is a diary of my Journey so far:-

1st – Had lots of wine over lunch. I don’t think it can be seriously expected that people abstain on actual New Years Day. Dry January starts on the second. Obviously,
2nd – Abstained.
3rd – Abstained again – wow this is easy!
4th – Today is my birthday eve. We had a rare night out which, yes, included alcohol but who could begrudge me that?
5th – My actual birthday so see above. Perfectly allowed.
6th – Abstained.
7th – Abstained.
8th – Abstained.
9th – Tempted to give in but abstained – impressed by myself! 4th night running :)
10th – Friday night. I am exceptionally tempted to give in. J shouts from the kitchen ‘do you want a wine or a coke?‘ I say ‘coke’ (honestly) and the next thing i know there is a large glass of glistening white deliciousness in front of me. Did he mishear me or was this divine intervention? Never mind. The more important matter is that a bottle of Marlborough’s finest Sauvignon Blanc has been opened and i am not one for waste.
11th – Still some left so……

And that is where i am right now. Finishing the bottle and watching The Voice (when is Kylie going to start looking old and weird?!). I won’t lie I’m not disappointed. Its nice.

However, I’m not giving up entirely. There is still a lot to be said for a #dryishjanuary. From tomorrow i was be back on the wagon with the other (perfectly legit) ‘lets exclude holidays/birthdays/Fridays/Saturdays’ types.

Also, weirdly i have not had any gin so i am having a total success at a #dryginuary. Go me.


P.S. I have a new book OUT NOW! You can nab it on Amazon here or in your lovely local bookshop :)


14 thoughts on “A Dry January Diary

      1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

        yeah… it so didn’t last. I found Halloween candy that I had hidden. That’s when I decided that nothing was worth giving up chocolate! I’m not even sure what I was thinking (except I’m a sugar addict, and I guess I thought it might be a healthy start to a year to cut some of the sugar out… yeah, not happening!)

  1. office mum

    Your dryish January sounds like it’s going perfectly well to me. Now I need to figure out the background to your blog name, but safe to say, as a Bombay sapphire fan, I like it.
    I found your blog via the Where Rainbows End Bloghop on Dolly Dowsie’s site, and having never done a bloghop before, I haven’t a clue how it works, but nice to meet you! I’m office mum: http://OfficeMum.ie

  2. Wry Mummy

    My view is, we mummies have done 9 months x [number of kids – 3 in my case] Dry Gestation + however many months Dry (ish) Breastfeeding, so if anyone expects me to do dry anything they can think again! But you go, lady!

  3. Jenny

    Love this journey…. as long as you attempt it, it’s the thought that counts!!!! Hope you had a fabulous birthday. May January be filled with attempts. LOL (ahem and dry)

  4. franglaisemummy

    When I saw the title of this blog post I was all “WTF?” in total disappointment, then when I read that it is dryish I realised we could still be friends :-) As you were.


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