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A Dry January Diary


Yep i’m still not bored of making labels just yet

Although it goes against every fiber or my being i have been attempting a Dry January. The very existence of the word ‘attempting’ may give you a clue as to the confidence i had within myself at the start of the month.

Here is a diary of my Journey so far:-

1st – Had lots of wine over lunch. I don’t think it can be seriously expected that people abstain on actual New Years Day. Dry January starts on the second. Obviously,
2nd – Abstained.
3rd – Abstained again – wow this is easy!
4th – Today is my birthday eve. We had a rare night out which, yes, included alcohol but who could begrudge me that?
5th – My actual birthday so see above. Perfectly allowed.
6th – Abstained.
7th – Abstained.
8th – Abstained.
9th – Tempted to give in but abstained – impressed by myself! 4th night running :)
10th – Friday night. I am exceptionally tempted to give in. J shouts from the kitchen ‘do you want a wine or a coke?‘ I say ‘coke’ (honestly) and the next thing i know there is a large glass of glistening white deliciousness in front of me. Did he mishear me or was this divine intervention? Never mind. The more important matter is that a bottle of Marlborough’s finest Sauvignon Blanc has been opened and i am not one for waste.
11th – Still some left so……

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