Is it time to relax yet?

Do you ever get the kids into bed, flop onto the sofa, maybe probably with a glass of wine, and then eye the surrounding piles of crap and think – what’s the point of tidying it up when it’s just gonna happen again tomorrow?

But as much as you keep telling your brain to shut up, it keeps on chanting…..YOU CAN’T RELAX PROPERLY UNLESS YOU TIDY IT ALL UP NOW!

So you think about sweeping it into a big pile in the corner of the room or chucking it all into the toy box willy nilly.

But hang on, perhaps you should just round up the dinos and deposit them safely into their stables for the night.


And maybe you should quickly reorganise the toy kitchen and pop a fry up on.


Then you need to load up the cars onto their transporter. Make damn sure that you only put the ‘favourites’ in or you will be crying in a corner by 9am.


Come on Mr. Simmonds I know you’ve had a lovely day out but its time to get back to the nursing home now.


Here’s some parcels for you to deliver* first thing tomorrow Pat and Jess (*lose/steal/deface).


The excuse here is that you can’t make stuff like this with a 3 year old and 1 year old on the loose.


Weeeeee. Hang on a minute are you actually just playing with them now? #loveplaymobil


Irresponsible mummy is trying her best to ignore the kids after a heavy night on the all inclusive gin.


Ok nearly done. Has everyone got the right flip flops on? YES!


All I can say is that it’s a bloody good job that no one is into Sylvanian Families.



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54 thoughts on “Is it time to relax yet?

  1. Mark


    I’m from the school of kicking into a corner unless it’s cars. Those are meticulously put away … behind the sofa!

  2. claireb1234

    Ha ha ha! So funny – last night whilst Dave put Jude to bed, I arranged his lego into piles of 1’s, 4 ‘ s etc….so therapeutic! And I have been known to arrange the soft toys into a conga line ready for the morning…All in ascending size order of course! It’s much more fun when they’re not getting in the way/destroying your creations :)

  3. Olivia FitzGerald

    HA Ha! Brilliant. Every night I flop on the sofa and procrastinate about tidying up – not at all, a little or a lot… You’re so lucky not having the sylvanian family, it’s a pain in the butt. (So impressed by how clean your carpet is with two kids running about) :o)

  4. Abby Boid

    How utterly lovely. I just keep piling crap in cardboard boxes and hiding it in the garage. Three boxes so far and not a toy missed yet! Going to try the above out though. Brilliant.

  5. Kerrie McGiveron

    Aww we don’t have Playmobil, jealous here. And I’m not very OCD with the toys either. The Babbas go in the box, shoes go in the buggy…seriously it is all just a mess. I might do a post about it one day just for you OCD Mummies ha ha :) Great post, love the gin-induced lazy mum! xxx

  6. Carrie TimeToBeAnAdult

    I re-created the castle on the box of building bricks exactly for my niece on Easter Sunday…within 10 seconds of her seeing it, it had been destroyed by a toddler earthquake – I had to leave the room because I was secretly so annoyed!!

  7. Life at the Little Wood

    Oh I really properly chortled at the Playmobil mum!! :) So funny Katie! I have to reorganise and ‘set’ the play kitchen up too – it’s torturous to me if I catch sight of the teapot in the oven, or the IKEA vegetables strewn casually across the hob. Play on children, but let’s maintain a grasp of reality here ;) xx

  8. Donna

    Great post! I have to tidy up before I can relax but some days everything just gets put back at the edges of the room so it looks a bit better and shoved in the toy boxes. Other days I completely clear out and tidy LP’s kitchen, line the teddies up, match everything up. Those days don’t happen often! x

  9. mummydaddyme

    Hahahahahahahahaha. That is all. I love the kids jumping on Mummy one. So funny. And I agree, I cannot relax until the entire living room is void of toys.

  10. mummystodolist

    Love this and glad I’m not the only one who can’t resist not putting back the toy kitchen like that! Can’t leave jigsaws half done either or nesting eggs not properly nested!

  11. cariemay

    Oh so true! Elma got a box of coloured blocks for Christmas and the number of times I spotted her aunts and uncles sat building towers after she’d gone to bed! And don’t worry, I’ve got two daughters – you can come and play Sylvanian Families with us when we get to that stage (can you tell I’m secretly looking forward to it!)

  12. WallyMummy

    I frickin hate tidying up all her crap! But yes… if anyone puts the toy utensils on the toy kitcehn rack in the wrong order I start to twitch… lol x

  13. Mummy Says

    Katie I have a post in my drafts that you are going to love/hate. It involves a lot of Sylvanians carefully arranged in their toy house…. I’ll finish writing it one day! Brilliant post as always xx

  14. keepsmeoutofmischief

    Sitting here looking at the garage with its line of cars waiting to go into the car park and knowing it wasn’t like that before I took the little one up to do bedtime. Trying to summon up the energy to put everything else away!

  15. Rachel - 3yearsandhome

    It’s the Little People Farm and Bus that sucks me in every night. I like to put all the people and animals in different places to see if the boys notice when they run in in the morning. Well, it started off like that but I’m a bit protective of them being moved during the day now so I think they’ve actually become my toys and I don’t really want to share them.

  16. Tom Briggs

    Ha ha – brilliant! And damn you too – I was thinking of doing a post just like this! Yes, I can’t relax until everything’s back in some kind of order – not that my kids give a monkeys about how they find their toys in the morning. I may or may not recreate moments from iconic films with them as I put them away…

  17. Katie

    I feel sorry for my future children, because we already find it very hard to share Lego in our house, despite the fact that we (and any occassional guests) are in our late 20s/early 30s… xxx

  18. Eline

    Love the fry up, nice touch. I’m exactly the same – all the toys must be lined up nicely, the excuse being it’ll be more fun for M to mess them up again in the morning. I’ve even fought Mr P&P over how to do it properly…

  19. Jenny

    Haha Katie this is hilarious and I can relate some much as I do this. All the pennies have to be in their piggy bank, the cars have to be in their carries well you get the point I can sit still until the toys are back to their original ready to play places too. lol Glad I am not the only one.

  20. Complicated Gorgeousness

    My little girl’s dolls house is more neat and organised than my house ha. When they were little little like yours I gave them the dining room as their wreck den and we ate on our laps. Couldn’t have the tidying every night. xxx

  21. Notmyyearoff

    I chuck very thing into a box but then spend about an hour with my arm under the sofa trying to find that last jigsaw piece that I ..really…must…find. Then I have to tell hubby off for playing with all the playdough!

  22. Dean B

    Funny, funny, funny! I do that too… only sometimes. I swear I only do it sometimes, not every night where I make sure that her furniture in her doll’s house are back where it should be. And her small figure-toys back on the shelves where they belong, or its respective houses (Nody in his house, Ben & Holly in theirs etc…). Yep, definitely not all the time ;)

  23. Honest Mum

    Oh loved this so much-awesome to get to play with the toys when the monkeys sleep isn’t it?! Advantage no 1 for having kids and getting to be a kid yourself all over again! Brilliant x

  24. Not A Frumpy Mum

    Oh gosh, I’m sat staring at a huge pile of crap (sorry, toys) that are thrown in a corner of the living room. The worse thing is O doesn’t even play with them, he’s more interested in balls and scooters! Fab post xx

  25. Fee

    I’m more a dump everything in the corner tidier – except with the lego can’t resist building instead of tidying. Our daughter used to be sylvanian families mad! I can’t remember how many times I had to dismantle the hoover to find a fork or some other ridiculous thing! Haha

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  27. franglaisemummy

    Love this! Although I’m far more from the school of “throw it all into the playpen and collapse on the sofa”, glad to see you don’t get bored of an evening ;-)

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