The Ordinary Moments – Sofa Snoozing

We had a busy weekend this weekend. I had three of my best friends from university come to stay so it was a bit choc o block in chez Gin.

We had a great time, despite the usual lack of wine involved – two of them are pregnant! We had tea and cake, went out for lunch, mooched about the shops and then headed home for a bit of X Factor action. My lovely husband J cooked us all a Thai curry so i didn’t have to miss out on the gossip, pretty perfect weekend for 30+’s by all accounts.

Anyway after we had said our goodbyes we were all very, very tired. Me and J had slept in with Baby S and i had forgotten how noisy he was! We both slept pretty badly and Little F was also pretty worn out due to all the over excitement of having so many people fussing over him.


So this is Sunday. We left the spare duvet out and had a sofa and cuddles morning, sneaking in a little snooze here and there ;)

If you want to join in with The Ordinary Moments from the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy And Me Makes Three click on the below button.

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11 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Sofa Snoozing

    1. elliebearbabi- vicki

      can’t beat a duvet day! those are the days ur little ones will cherish in their memories forever! i still remember duvet days with disney dvds and little picnic food in the livingroom when i was little. hope once my little girl’s bigger we can do the same :) p.s glad to see his gorgeous blonde hair is still their (hes suits it too much to cut it) x

  1. jenny paulin

    a duvet day – wow i envy you that. ia lways feel guilty for not doing anything like i have wasted a day whereas my OH would happily do it every weekend! its such a sweet photo x


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