Are you a bad mum if you don’t buy Clarks shoes?

I have a confession to make, we don’t always buy Clarks shoes for our kids. Do you think badly of me?

I haven’t always been so wicked. When son one started toddling I took him down to Clarks without even considering the alternatives. Did i do it for the fear that all other shoes would damage his tiny precious feet, despite them being about 90% fat? Or was it because I thought other people would look down on me for going against the grain? To be honest It wasn’t even really a decision, you just DO get your kids shoes from Clarks…don’t you?

Well over the last few years I’m afraid I have become disillusioned with Clarks for various reasons: –

    1. I resent the fact that they often cost more than my own shoes.
    2. They make them in half sizes and with a half size of growing room. If they have a half size of growing room then i don’t get why you can’t just buy them every other size. I have presented this conundrum to shop assistants before but they just look baffled.
    3. Another key selling point is the variable width fitting. According to their website less than a third of children fit standard width shoes. Sounds convincing huh? Yep until you go in and they are out of 4G’s but an H should be ok – or they are out of 7.5 F’s them they guess an E would probably cut it.foot_n
    4. Where have the huge foot measuring machines gone? You know the one they used to have when you were a kid, where the metal bits would slide in surrounding your foot making you feel special and scared in equal proportions. On reflection they were pretty comical but at least you would feel like you were getting more bang for your buck.
    5. The size provided seems to vary by geographical location and day of the week. Who’d of thunk it, but it is even possible to drop a half size instead of grow it!
    6. They have recently launched ‘a radical new measuring device that combines over 270 years of shoe fitting heritage with state of the art design innovation’ – basically you stand on a thing with an iPad shoved in it. This is a bloody ridiculous abuse of technology – can you do anything without an app these days?! It also goes against one of the key rules in our house which is not to stand on the iPad.
    7. Where have the rocking horses gone? :(
    8. I don’t like going anywhere that you have to get a ticket to wait to be served unless it results in the acquisition of nice cheeses. There are no nice cheeses in Clarks.
    9. I don’t even like their shoes.

So instead i am a bad mum cos i like my kid looking cool in converse (or most of the time £8 pumps from Debenhams) which are actually cheaper and harder wearing!


I will probably be down at Clarks buying school shoes for the eldest when he starts in September though, because that is just what you DO isn’t it? And I’m not sure i could bear the potential wrath at the school gates ;)



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72 thoughts on “Are you a bad mum if you don’t buy Clarks shoes?

  1. Notmyyearoff

    Hehe I remember being soooo excited to buy Zs first pair of shoes from Clarkes. I now find sports shops much much cheaper in the sales and we just end up buying from there. They last much longer and look a lot nicer too.

  2. ToddlerSlave

    This made me howl! It’s SO TRUE!!! I bought Boo’s first shoes from Clarks because I thought I’d be a bad mum if I didn’t- I didn’t even like the shoes and the service left much to be desired! I haven’t bought any more from Clarks and I don’t even measure her feet now- I just buy the next size up when the current ones are too tight- revolutionary I know! But you’re right- when she starts school I’m sure I’ll be back down at Clarks for fear of being a bad mum again! Lol! X

  3. seychellesmama

    I’ve been going through this exact crap in my head. Half the time Arthur doesn’t even wear shoes here but obviously that won’t cut it in the UK (won’t be able to stand those judge-y looks) so I looked at the Clark’s site and I don’t like their shoes either they all have loads of Velcro on which looks so naf (although no doubt very practical) and as you say they are well expensive!!! I think you definitely are paying to not get those judge-y looks :( well I think I’m gonna give them a miss!!!

  4. tiasmum12

    No bloody chance! After them measuring Tia wrong the two times I went in we’ve gone elsewhere. We wear converse/vans/kickers little bird and then Livie and Luca for the super soft leather sandals. Clarks are so bloody over rated! *rant face*

  5. mytravelmonkey

    I also hate the fact that they cost more than my H&M cheapies!! I’m rethinking the shoe shopping too… And boys shoes all look the same and dare I say a little clumpy and ugly? Clarks never have monkey’s width size. Think I opted for Startrite last time! But he’s worn them a handful of times!

  6. Emily

    We got B’s feet measured there then bought some off eBay for about a fiver! Well they are only in them for a short time. Now we buy cheap trainers, I am a bad mum but like u said £35 is the equivalent of about 3 pairs of new look shoes!!

  7. Olivia FitzGerald

    They never have the correct size and if they do it’s a horrid green design that you would never choose. I used to buy from clarks all the time but now I shop online at If you know the size, you can grab a bargain. If they arrive and they’re too big, I just store them away until they fit.
    I do agree we are being fleeced when it comes to kids’ shoes.

  8. suzanne3childrenandit

    I have tried on many occasions to draw myself away from Clarks but to no avail – it somehow drags me back. Every time! Be warned: the pressure is one when it’s time for school shoes….anything other than Clarks is definitely frowned upon – judging starts here! Good luck x

    1. Sarah

      Frowned upon ? By who ?? I couldn’t care less what people would think … I hate Clarks shoes lol …and if anyone thinks someone is a bad Mum for not buying Clarks shoes, they need help !

  9. The Mummy Adventure

    We started off with Clarks but now I have two children whose feet don’t seem to stop growing and I am not convinced I can afford £70 every other week for the pair of them to get one pair each! (I do love their doodles though). Dylan has to get winter ones from there as his feet are so wide that he can’t get them on the highstreet , luckily sandals are more flexible.

  10. pottymouthedmummy

    Ha you know what, I completely agree. My mum likes to buy H a pair of Clarke’s shoes once or twice a year. Fair play to her. I can’t handle the cost and also – shock horror – I think they are pretty ugly on the whole. They look orthopaedic! x

  11. Emma

    I’m so with you on this one! *whispers* And I’ll raise you even higher-I sometimes pass shoes on from one of my boy to the next if there’s plenty of wear left AND I’ve even been known to nip into Clark’s just to get their feet measured, then fake an appointment so that I can get home to fire up my iPad & buy them cheaper online.

  12. mummyshambles

    My Damien is wearing Clarks but only cus they were in the sale.
    I do not bow down to fashions, trends and must-haves and I get that from my Ma. I was 13 before I got a say in what I wore! *snorts* x

  13. Rachel B

    Love this!! I have bought Clarks shoes because that is what we ‘do’! I don’t really get the half size thing and my girls have to grow a whole size bigger for new shoes! What I do now is get their main shoe from Clarks – school shoes/first shoes for little in then nip across the street and pick up £5 trainers from Shoe Zone!!!
    I did go to Clarks village in Street when I was passing and get two pairs for £25. Unfortunately it’s too far away for a regular trip!
    And yes, what happened to the machines with the metal bars that made you think momentarily that your foot was about to be crushed!

  14. thepumpingmama

    Never bought Clarks shoes here. A little too much pink plastic and flashing lights for my taste. I’ve gone with barefoot shoes, and sandals from Matalan. £6. Boom.

  15. emilygoesforit

    The only pair of Clark’s shoes M has had were his first. The rest I’ve bought from tesco, next and other such shops. I don’t agree with spending £30 on a pair of shoes that they’re not going to be in for very long. I almost had heart failure at his first pair costing £26, but I got a photo I guess.
    Pfft if not buying Clark’s shoes makes you a bad mum I’m the bloody worst! This was emphasised to me further today when M was in £5 trainers from tesco and other toddlers were in flashing Nike trainers that I over heard the mum say she paid £40 for… Maddness I tell you!

  16. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    I took Cherry to get her first pair of shoes from Clark’s too because I also didn’t think there were any alternatives! That was the only pair she had though and I haven’t set foot in their with Tiger. Most of them look too school shoe like and they are so expensive. We live near a discount village that sells them cheaper but they are still twice the price of non Clark’s shoes. I guess if your kids have really really wide feet then they might be useful and their doodle range is okay. The risk of going in is that the kids will spot those hideous looking flashing trainers and will end up having a huge tantrum when you refuse to buy them! x

  17. ilovemummymost

    I tend to get their feet measured in Clarks – then buy online second hand or cheap supermarket shoes for them to actually wear. Although the supermarket sizes are always enormous on them! Having said that I have also bought the foot measuring thingy from Clarks and use that most of the time. If they are lucky they get one pair of clarks per year!x

  18. Jenny

    I love this although I had no idea about clarks kids shoes until recently and have never bought Buba a pair ever. Missy moo I finally jumped on this bandwagon and bought her her first pair. Lol but she owns many brands. It’s definitely an English tradition. I love that you don’t conform. You rock. Love this post.

  19. brummymummyof2

    Here is some advice for all mothers. From my Nan (RIP). Put your kids in cheap shoes as their feet may as well get used to them as you ain’t gonna wear posh shoes for the rest of your days. There you go. Straight from a batty old ladies mouth. She once wore a catsuit and heels down our local high st. That lady? Had style xxx

  20. cariemay

    I’ll admit I do buy Clarks shoes at the moment, pretty much just because, but with two of them now with ever growing feet the price is just getting silly – and the choice for Kitty at least (my 3 year old with the size 11 feet!) is practically non existent. She actually only has sandals right now because I just couldn’t part with money for some of the eye searing pink horrors that they were suggesting for her (and don’t get me started on the insanity of offering white shoes for toddlers!). I think she’d look pretty cool in Converse – and very rock chick with a Sunday dress!

  21. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    I’ve bought Clarks or Startrite religiously for all of my children until they’re a big size 2 – because my neighbour used to work in Clarks and said after that it doesn’t matter because their feet have grown big enough not to be damaged unless they wear something stupid. I have bought cheap ones in the past, and, sad times – they just don’t last anything like as long. I’ve managed a full year out of both my little ones last two pairs of boots. They might have cost £40 and £42, but I never got round to buying anything else, and they’re dry in Winter and comical with shorts in Summer. All round win ;)

  22. Mich

    Great post. What I’ve never understood is how small children’s shoes can cost SO MUCH – why are they often much more expensive than adult shoes???!!!

    1. They’re SMALL – so not much material is used.
    2. There’s no VAT on children’s shoes, so how can they be more expensive than the cost of mine, which do have VAT included?


  23. sara @ the mummy madness

    I agree so expensive especially for baby/ toddler shoes, our latest shop with my toddler resulted in one pair in the shop fitting because they do not accommodate a high instep. Also clarks does have benefits my son wore down his shoes so i took them back and because he didnt change shoe size we got a free pair. Also his last pair of school shoes lasted a year even though they cost £42 in the first place!

  24. butwhymummywhy

    I did Clarks for the first shoes and then never really went back! We do the classic Start-rite for school shoes thanks to my voucher win at the MADs last year (!) but for all other shoes it’s highstreet and supermarkets every time. x

  25. Martina Pangrazzi

    What would other people say? They’d think I can’t afford it!! They’d think I don’t care about my children!
    Somehow know one cares about the real thing anymore. People wear shoes they hate, clothes they hate and cars that they can’t drive, just because they want to make sure they’re playing their role properly and successfully. Sad that we can’t even think for ourselves anymore and let the society take over our opinions.
    So, yes ! I agree, why Clarks? Sooo extremely boring. Don’t feel guilty, feel proud ! Lovely post, made me feel better.

    1. swissie3

      Hi Martina, I absolutely agree with people wearing stupid, ugly shoes because they are in. I once saw a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker in 10 in heels having to be helped over the ice on the pavement as she “walked” her kids to school. Those shoes look great if you are photographed lounging in the back of a limo but not going arse over tit in the street.
      Although my boys are now grown, I once bought “good” shoes here (I work in Switzerland) but my son was throwing a paddy about putting his shoes on before going to the daycare. Everyone was yelling and late for work. My husband rammed his bloody shoes on and he hobbled to daycare in his carefully measured new shoes. When I was explaining to the daycare lady that he was having a wobbly and was crying about wearing his shoes, she took them off to put his slippers on – and my husband (the daft sod) had left the bloody paper ball screwed up in the toes. I’m surprised we didn’t break his feet. It was always cheapos after that but 27 years later he is still (mostly) vertical. Anna

  26. Alison Perry

    Firstly – CUTE RED CONVERSE! But also: fab post. I like to do a mix of Clarks shoes for my 3yo and cheaper Mothercare/M&S shoes. I do feel safe in their hands when they measure but I have been known to get them measured there and then skulk off to buy cheaper shoes elsewhere ;)

  27. alyssa

    I love this . Im currently in the process of buying the next size shoes . I couldnt understand why I couldn’t just buy normal non Clarks shoes

  28. Lauren | Belle du Brighton

    You remember the rocking horse too! We’ve been given a couple of pairs of ‘proper’ shoes by a friend for Athena, and keep an eye out in car boots/charity shops but so fsr have avoided actually buying new! I asked on twitter a few weeks ago who the alternatives are and got start rite who are just as expensive and annoyingly are half a size smaller… weird.

  29. Capture by Lucy (@capturebylucy)

    Hmmm sorry to say I am with Clarks on this one. There’s a reason we are all encouraged to go to Startrite, Clarks etc. Because they are better for our children’s feet. Hopefully they will be walking on those feet for 100 years! Yes they feel expensive but so does fresh veg and fruit compared to feeding our children biscuits and crisps. But we wouldn’t do that would we? Because we know that fruit and veg and fresh food, however more expensive, is good for them. I almost feel frightened to comment! But we all choose how we spend our money. And I think protecting their feet is well worth the extra £20. Think how quickly you (not you but you know everyone in general) spent your last £20. Chocolate bar here, magazine there, takeaway etc What’s more important?!

    1. hurrahforgin

      Ahh Lucy don’t be scared. And i would totally agree with you if it were the cost alone. But they don’t seem to be able to fit them right and they don’t last so i have become disillusioned and am now wondering if they really are any better than any others x

  30. The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe)

    From September to May The Boy wears Clarks shoes for school and ‘normal’ wear. The only other shoes I buy are boots from Marks and Spencer. I am very fussy about what I put him in because I had problems with my feet as a child (fallen arches) and had to see a specialist and have exercises. I’m wary of putting him in something like those cute Converse because I know his feet would end up ‘flat’ and he’d have to do exercises like me. So I go for the quality and support first and foremost, usually that comes from Clarks. However, I don’t buy from the Clarks shops, I go to indies that sell them because they usually have old women working there who can size a child’s foot up from the way he jumped out of the car! My local (now gone) indie measured him for 6 months every fortnight free of charge and refused to sell me a new pair until he needed it. She also measured using the handheld tape measure thingy, not a stupid machine.

    Clarks shoes are good quality and I do believe they’re the best for the child while they’re feet are developing, but I don’t believe that Clarks staff are the most well-trained to fit a child with shoes.

    Saying this, from May to September, The Boy wears £5.00 canvas daps with velcro straps because he needs his little feet to breathe in the heat.

    Who knew children’s shoes was such a hot topic?

  31. Katy

    This is so true! I wouldn’t mind spending the small fortune if they actually knew what they were doing. I went to get my toddlers feet measured and they said she was a 7E. They trotted off to get the shoes in her size. Put them on, and declared they were perfect. I asked her to walk around in them and they were slipping off her feet!! I questioned them and the man said, well they have growing room. So much that I could pull them off her feet!! GOODBYE!! I went to a local shoe shop and the lovely lady spent a long time assessing her feet and actually she is a 6F. Got a nice pair of hush puppies in the sale and they fitted perfectly. I buy ‘enclosed’ shoes in her true measured size but things like sandals or jellies I just buy from Next… or even… dare I say it… Asda! ;-)

  32. Stix

    Brilliant post. Tell you a secret – I buy Mini’s school shoes from Asda. After doing the Clarks thing for year R, I realised quickly that it doesn’t matter whether shoes are £12 or £42 – if your boy plays football, he’ll go through the toes, and you’ll need at least 1 pair EVERY half term, plus trainers and plimsolls.

    And girls shoes are much prettier from Next and Debenhams too!

  33. Donna

    Yep, first shoes and school shoes are what Clarks are for. Other shoes? Converse all the way!! Your son is rocking on that beach! Awesome photo!! x

  34. Louise (@TattooedMumsy)

    Uh oh Luke’s first shoes are Clarks?! Shall I leave your blog post now?! ;) haha Ah no his Nanny got his first pair of shoes and insisted that they were Clarks, I however won’t mind shopping elsewhere when it comes to the second, third, fourth pair etc. I do think they can be rather over priced but I did love the whole experience we had getting them, his picture taken on a chair amongst teddy bear sand then being given the little souvenir photo card after :)

  35. Emma T (@ETusty)

    N had his first shoes from Clarks. To me it was a rite of passage, and chance to get a pic. It wasn’t a happy occasion, but we did get nice shoes and he was fine with wearing them, which lots of children aren’t.

    Then we went to barefoot shoes – I had decent training on how to check a shoe’s fit, as I did some work with SKEANIE. Nice shoes, pretty, but don’t last on toddlers. I like the idea of barefoot shoes, but so far I’ve not found one pair of Livie and Luca or other non traditional British shoes brands that I like for him. All too trendy.

    I don’t think Clarks people measure well. And my experience in Charles Clinkard hasn’t been much better. Mostly for substantial shoes, we’ve gone to a local independent shop – it can take an hour to measure and check shoes, because the lady won’t sell a shoe that doesn’t suit the foot of the child (so she’ll only show you certain brands that are right). She sells Hush Puppies which are great shoes but hard to find stockists, and other barefoot styles as well as too many trainer styles for my liking. We’ve tended to have either StartRite (from another indie children’s shoe shop) or Hush Puppies.

    In the summer, I’m more relaxed- casual canvas pumps and sandals, although I like leather ones, so do end up having to spend more. Last year I found some on Zulily which were about £30 for a pair of pumps and a pair of sandals.

    I just find that proper fitted shoes are so much more comfortable. I bought N some Sainsbury’s pumps last year – he wouldn’t wear them, and the Asda ones this year, he is finally wearing after a lot of moaning. While Startrite he’d be happy with wearing straightaway – I try and get them in the sale online, after getting him measured

    I guess it’s personal preference. If they don’t fit, then you go elsewhere. But for winter shoes I definitely want him in proper fitted shoes – especially as I can never feel where his toes are so can’t check the fit myself.

    (Oh, and those machines – I think Brantano still has them for older children…unless they’re ipad versions too?)

  36. thenthefunbegan

    You know what’s worse than not buying Clarks shoes? Letting your second child wear your first child’s hand me down shoes. Poor kid, I’ve probably crippled him for life…

  37. Mummy Glitzer


    We use Clarks most of the time. That said, we use them primarily for ease as their shoes for Harry’s age are all velcro and to make sure that he is wearing the right size. We once bought some Converse type and they seemed to be really ill-fitted compared to his nursery shoes. Harry’s nursery insist on plain black shoes that they can do up themselves. We did recently get him a pair of trainers from a sports shop, a well known brand and they were half the price, which surprised me!

    I do wonder what happened to the rocking horse!

  38. mummydaddyme

    Hehe this made me smile cause to a point I totally agree with you, especially on the price and the fact that they don’t have a huge range of styles. However I do love Clark’s and the way they suck you in with their first shoes photo- it’s quite a special experience those first little kicks. ;) I do buy cheaper shoes/different brand shoes for my girls, especially for Mads now but while they are really little I will always get them a fitted pair too. X

  39. Hannie

    I’m an eighties kid and I think it was definitely more at the point about screwing up your kids feet if the shoes didn’t fit right.
    I think I had Clarks shoes most of the time – my school shoes were definitely Clarks but I think my trainers were always a £5 hobby from elsewhere. My mum always tesla the story how for years we’d go to be measured for my next set and I would try on all sorts but usually end up with the same design in the next size up.
    The machines were so good – I think they should do adult versions because I have trouble with what size I am. In some places I’m a 5 in others I’m a 6. In fact right now (I’m pregnant) I’ve been living in a pair of supermarket flip flops because they “protect” my feet but don’t necessarily need to be an exact size.
    I think when I first stopped going to Clarks for school shoes we would go in get measured and then go elsewhere (because have you seen anywhere else that measures with one of those machines?)
    I don’t think you’re a bad mother for going elsewhere. You have to do what suits your family and it’s individual budget. Do you buy the Converse/Debenhams shoes and have more money for things like food or a day out or something like that or spend more on the shoes which really are going to get trashed by the small person wearing them? Lol
    Do what’s right for you and your family :)

  40. Aimee

    Hahaha yes!!! I am also baffled how such a “high-tech” system can differ from shop to shop.

    We have a pair of Clarks school shoes because they do last longer than others. But I paid £13 for them from brantano and bargained them down as there was a slight scratch on them. I would never pay full price – £40 a pop just to have toys in their flipping shoes!!!!!

  41. Tom Briggs

    Ha! We got my older son’s latest pair from Clarks, but only because we got a free pair in exchange for a review! Although they’re good shoes, they are ridiculously expensive for what they are and how long they’re going to be used. I think we’ll probably revert to budget options next time. I hear you about the ticket machine thing too – although some people’s feet do smell a bit like cheese… ;-)

  42. marisworld

    Oh dear – no Clarks eh? I’m afraid our twins didn’t have Clarks as their first shoes nor as their second, and have to admit not even their third, and their feet are still simply gorgeous. No bunions, no odd shape, no blisters and they haven’t fallen off yet either.
    Great post and lovely to see mums speaking out and being honest

  43. Actually Mummy

    Ahh 6 and 7 made me rofl. The reason you have to buy Clarks school shoes is that no-one else makes black shoes for kids. Because no child in their right mind would wear black when here is blue, orange, green or pink. Or leopard print, in the case of Converse. And you have made me feel old – I used to covet the chance to get my feet I one of those machines, but alas by the time they were introduced I was too old!

  44. sarahmo3w

    This made me laugh. Yes, where is the rocking horse?! I imagine the endless squeaking made the assistants want to kill someone – which isn’t a good idea with small children around! I STILL buy Clarks shoes for school for my 13yo! Although none of them wear Clarks for anything other than school. The width fittings are important if your kids are particularly wide or particularly narrow – my 10yo son is slightly above an H, which means he measures a 5.5, wears a 6H school shoe and size EIGHT football boots (football boots are ridiculously narrow!).

  45. Aileen

    We do a mixture of Clarks and “cheap” shoes. Cheap shoes are for nursery as she normally takes them off the first chance she gets and they get covered in paint and mud etc. Clarks shoes are for the days when she will be wearing them from first thing in the morning till she practially goes to bed. Its all about balance and I dont think I am doing my child any harm by putting her in velcro strapped £4 shoes from Tesco!

  46. Louise @ Birds and Lilies

    I’m almost positive that one of the Clarks in Nottingham still has one of those measuring machines! I tend to have one of my toddler’s pairs of shoes as Clarks so that she can wear them if I know she’ll be walking a lot, she does have wide feet like her mama though :( I’ve actually managed to get every pair we’ve bought for her (3 or 4) in the sale, all less than £15 and I’ve actually really liked them all! I don’t think any of them actually looked like Clarks (which I mostly hate), and had compliments on them and people not believing they are Clarks! We’ve been lucky with sizes in the sale I guess! x

  47. Jo

    I generally buy my 2 year old one pair of Clarks for long periods of wear and then a few other pairs to kick about it., much the same as Aileen. If I knew another shop locally that measured feet properly I would probably not bother with Clarks at all

  48. Katie

    No more measuring machines? That’s totally rubbish! There was always that moment of doubt where you just weren’t sure if the metal walls were going to stop moving or chop your feet off! As long as the shoes are comfy, I don’t think it matters- from what I’ve heard kids outgrow shoes every 4 days anyway- so they won’t be in any less-than-perfect pairs for long! xxx

  49. Honest Mum

    We mix it up here, a couple of pairs from Clarks and actually found some stunning heels in there for me too-but boys mostly rock Converse-cool kids like yours innit x

  50. Not A Frumpy Mum

    I used to love the Clark’s foot measuring machine as a kid, highlight of the trip! Glad it’s not just me that feels a tad guilty for putting them in a pair of pumps rather than a “proper” shoe! xx

  51. franglaisemummy

    I am so with you here. When L was little we were living in France so no Clarks options there, we got her far cheaper shoes from France which I think are harder wearing and nicer too. We’re off to France on holiday next week and I think we’ll be stocking up on more French, non-Clarks shoes for both girls whilst there.

  52. rebeccabean

    We bought Clarks for our son when he started school in September, and they were knackered by the Christmas holidays. Don’t do it!
    I have to admit, this year we have gone the whole hog and bought him Kickers shoes, with the hope they’ll last out the whole year! For the price, they’d better.

  53. TChurch

    So I was googling children’s shoes width H and found the post. I have to say I really don’t understand the whole Clarks thing. I’m from China and I didn’t grow up with the concept of clarks shoes as must haves or whatsoever. My DD has very wide feet and after the first pair of some unnamed brand shoes were worn out, we went to clarks. The thing is their shoes are all soooo ugly and sooooo stifffffff haven’t people noticed? I wonder. For the next pair I’ll probably wait until we go to China as we have all sorts of soft cheap and comfy shoes there. So if one is a bad mum just because she doesn’t buy clarks shoes for her children, one billion Chinese and several billion other nationalities are all bad parents then?

  54. perfectly capable dad

    I love your blog btw, v funny and true – Of course you’re not a bad mummy OR daddy just because you don’t want to pay 3 times the amount for a pair of shoes that they’re still going to grow out of in four months, that will still look like they’ve been run over by a combine harvester after 4 minutes and, most importantly, make NO F*CKING DIFFERENCE to the childs feet. Just look around. How many thousands of people do we see hobbling around as a result of not growing up on a diet of Clarkes? My parents couldn’t afford Clarks. Guess what? I can walk just fine! Think I’ll stick with the old tried and tested; “Are your shoes feeling tight”? and press down with thumb to feel for toes. A: Too small = buy new pair of reasonably priced roomy non branded shoe. B: Not too small = “No, they’re fine”.

    Rant over.


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