The Ordinary Moments – Teddy Friends


Around 7am ish in the morning we are  woken by the handle of our bedroom door turning – a little person clutching a big armful of stuffed toys enters ‘just got to get my other teddies’ he says before bounding back to his bedroom to pick up all of ones he couldn’t manage the first time round. This boy is teddy mad. There is hardly a jot of space left in his bed with all of the teddies (or ‘friends‘) he has in with him. He would have even more if we let him! The teddies all come into our bed and then they all come down stairs. They lay forgotten again for most of the day (cars always take precedent in the waking hours) but come bed there is a formal roll call before we all make our way upstairs again. 

When we tuck him in we tuck all of the teddies in too, wishing them all goodnight. If you listen by the bedroom door you will hear him recount his day or sing to all his friends until he falls into a happy sleep.

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18 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Teddy Friends

  1. cariemay

    Oh how sweet! Kitty has been known to stuff her bed so full of teddies there’s no room for her although she quite determinedly climbs right into the middle of the mix and snuggles down. Still if they all fall out it at least makes a nice crash mat if she does one too many roll in the night! It looks like your little man has a great collection, and it’s true, it will be something that fades over the years – although maybe not completely, I’ve still got my childhood teddies tucked up on a shelf!

    1. hurrahforgin

      I’ve still got my favourite ones too that he sometimes has in bed with him too although at the minute they have been relegated to the toy box – he is a bit fickle with all but his two best one!

  2. Mummy Hearts You

    Too cute! Moo has a selection of teddies on her bed, and I love it when she uses them in her role play, nursing them back to life or feeding them a picnic!

    You can never have too many teddies! x

    1. hurrahforgin

      Funny how they are all different isn’t it! It’s actually been only the last 6 months or so that he’s been that bothered though – apart from his comforter bear which he wouldn’t sleep without since he way tiny :)

  3. TalesofaTwinMum

    So cute! My boys aren’t really bothered by teddies – I wish they were as they’re always being bought them and we have tonnes of them! I love the idea of a child having favourites and carrying them everywhere. x

  4. ourlifebusymakingmemories

    So lovely! A sign of things to come in our house i think. Just this week S has started bringing all his cuddlies into our bed one by one shouting cuddle before launching it onto our bed and running back to his room for another one!

  5. mummydaddyme

    So sweet and very similar to Mads, who every morning comes into our bed with her faithful for friends and every single morning tells her sister who is already normally in bed before her that she can cuddle ‘pongo’ which is her extra special favourite!

  6. jennypaulin

    ohhhhh every morning we are woken up by 2 boys and several toys too. and if we go out in the car – guess what? more toys have to come!!! Ridiculous really! lovely photos and similar scenes to my sofa lol x


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