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I grew up by the seaside. In the summer holidays we went to the beach pretty much everyday and spent a lot of that time messing about on lilo’s in the waves. In my head is was always hot and sunny although my mum tells me it really wasn’t.

Days by the sea make me think of Cornetto’s, hot tar pavements burning your feet, the hum of planes in the sky, the yes and no game, salt and vinegar smells in the air from the chip stalls, greengages, egg sandwiches, Robinsons squash warmed by the sun, Nina’s gift shop, lilo surfing and Mint Feasts. Happy times.

I lived in London for nearly 10 years of my adulthood and as much as i loved it i knew it would never be our home. Family for me is all about the seaside and i wanted to create the same happy memories i had for my own children. So cutting it fine at, 36 weeks pregnant, we made the move down and haven’t looked back.


We got married down here and our two beautiful boys were both born on floor 13 of Brighton hospital overlooking the pier.

Little F absolutely adores the sea, he wades in right up to his neck and loves building sandcastles and rock pooling. Baby s is too young for all of that but so far he loves eating the stones and listening to the crashing waves.



So living where we do, do we take it for granted or wish we were elsewhere? Never….well maybe a little when the seagulls are nesting on the roof and waking us all up at 4am!


I was tagged in ‘Do you like where you live?’ by the super funny Cas at Mummy Never Sleeps – pop over and check out her beautiful post. The original idea is from notSupermum who has itchy feet and is eager to find out if people are happy with where they live, or if they fancy a change.

So to give her a helping hand i will pass this onto the fantabulous Wife, Mum, Student Bum, Little Steps, Three Years & Home, Hove Actually, Daddy, City girl gone coastal, Emma & Alfie’s World, Heart Mammi and LolliesLand Looking forward to hearing all your thoughts!

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35 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. Dean B

    Thanks for the tag! Will come up with my post in err… as soon as I can. Brain not working at the mo… So love your photos and the reason why you love Brighton. I’ve only been there once and I’ve absolutely loved every minute there and it’s no wonder that you love it. T loves the beach too, we live nearby. I love it too (where we live)… though I wish it were more like Brighton :)

  2. Mia

    Oh gawd, I was born in Brighton, grew up there and my son was born there, then we moved to Bristol before he was a year old, so I always feel a bit of a pang when I read about families with young children having lovely lives there. I occasionally feel a bit suffocated living somewhere with no sea. Big dirty rivers aren’t the same. The sea is reassuring, like you could escape at any time. I miss it.

    1. hurrahforgin

      Oh how funny! Its is a great place to live but Bristol is fab too. I feel the same about the sea too, always a great place to go and think as it makes everything seem insignificant x

  3. jenny paulin

    awwww i really enjoyed readign this post and you can just tell from the words and beautiful photos how much you love where you live. I visited Brighton once a loooong time ago when I was about 10 and we stayed in the old Butlins Hotel!!
    i love a couple of miles from the sea here and it is a great place to bring up children xx

  4. 3yearsandhome

    Your wedding photo is stunning. I’ve never actually been to Brighton. I’m sure I’ll make it one day though. Thanks for the tag, you’re right, I definitely want to join in with this. The timing is perfect x

  5. jojoka1963

    Hubby was offered a job in Brighton recently but turned it down for another. I was gutted.
    I would dearly love to live by the sea, and have Lily grow up surrounded by it. Oh well…I’m still dreaming.

      1. jojoka1963

        I know!!!
        He said, “I know you had your heart set on moving to the coast, but…”! Duh, well yes. So why didn’t you listen?
        Ah, but there is always next time ;)

  6. mummydaddyme

    It has been my dream to live by the seaside, and I adore Brighton, but I just couldn’t and wouldn’t leave my family to move anywhere else so I guess I am stuck where I am for a while. ;) I lived away from them for 7 years and now I have little people I just want to be near them all. But you make me jealous with this post! x

  7. hodgepodgecraft

    What a beautiful family you are – especially love that amazingly smiley pic of baby S – completely infectious! :D

    I love the seaside too – here and also abroad. When we were travelling, I always tried to convince Mister Podge to take a coastal route (“Do we REALLY have to visit that ancient Mayan temple? It’s 2 days inland…” because I love waking up to the sound of waves and the way a day at the beach leaves you totally shattered in a healthy-feeling sort of way (despite the ice-creams)…
    Mmmm, mint feasts. That takes me back x

    1. hurrahforgin

      Ah thank you – what a lovely comment :) Funny how a day at the beach does leave you so tired – I had never really considered it before but you are right!
      I haven’t seen a mint feast for years, I wonder if they even exist anymore?! shame x

  8. MummyNeverSleeps

    What a stunning post, your wedding photo is gorgeous :) You sum up living by the seaside perfectly, it’s pretty flipping spesh innit? Thanks so much for joining in and giving me an insight (read: be totally nosy) about where you live x

  9. Alice Harold

    That photo of you on your wedding day is just amazing!! I was born in Bournemouth but moved away when I was 18 months old. I think the seaside is so special and I’ve always yearned to move back there. Maybe one day!

  10. butwhymummywhy

    I love the way you describe the summer as a child – it took me right back! I’m a Cornish girl at heart and now that I live up north I really do miss the sea (Blackpool doesn’t quite cut it!) maybe one day we’ll make the move back xx

  11. Kriss

    Reading your post made me smile – as well as consider moving near to Brighton when we move back to Blighty. One thing I love about where I live now is that we’re surrounded by water and beaches.

  12. franglaisemummy

    It sounds idyllic. I lived on the French riviera (Nice and the surrounding area) for 12 years which was amazing with the beach and the sunshine, we’ve been in London for 3 years now and I love it too but in such different ways and for different reasons. Great meme!


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