To my littlest at 1 and 1/2 years old…


Dear lovely thing,

Firstly you are not even 18 months, more like 20 but such is the plight of the second child that I find it pretty hard to keep tabs. But it’s your fault really, you seem to do all of your growing pretty fast. Please stop that.

I sometimes feel you don’t get much of a look in on here, as compared to your brother who mouths off and argues back and provides much of the fuel for this here fire. You’re the one who bumbles around like a happy little drunk and the one that can be strapped into a pushchair and carted around. As such we don’t really have much to complain about, although there is obviously still so much to say.

These are some of the things that we love about you, right here and right now.

You bypassed every baby toy we own, chucked the stacking cups aside, glared at the shape sorter and gave the musical, brightly coloured battery thingy majigs all of 30 seconds attention. You play with cars and figures, not the baby ones but the ones your brother only recently discarded and now rather conveniently wants back.

The first song you sang? Postman frickin Pat. #FML (*remember to delete this bit when reading happens).

You can say Ka-chow just like McQueen which is the one skill you big bro admires.

You adore your cat, she hates you.

You love you Sleepy Sheepy probably even more than you love me. You call him Sheesshy and stick your thumb in your mouth as soon as you see him. He wields great power and is more valuable to me than gold. Anything you love, I love too.


You hate having your hands dirty and shout NO and start shaking in anger if I don’t wipe the yoghurt off them within about five seconds. You still insist on eating everything with your hands though, utensils are to be treated with contempt.

You like bananas (A LOT), blueberries, cheese, your bike, dancing, breaking stuff, climbing, playing with doors, pretending to go to sleep and saying ‘na-nite’, the park, being outside, balls, being chased, being chucked about, broccoli, making nee-naw sounds, my cat slippers, me being a lion, when your daddy turns his key in the lock.

You don’t much care for TV apart from the film Despicable Me. I found this out one day when you were poorly and it was the only thing that made you sit still, we watched it on loop all day. You start calling for ‘MEEEEE, MEEEEEE’ when you want it on and it’s a fantastic remedy for a post nap bad mood. Even you brother has recognised it’s importance, when you are crying he often says ‘I think he needs to watch Despicable Me for a bit Mummy.’

The minions make you giggle which is the best sound in the world.

You really don’t like sitting still, sandwiches, not being able to fit your figures into cars, being left at nursery (although you love it after a couple of minutes), trying new foods, carrots, tomatoes, when we can’t understand you, being denied biscuits, waiting for anything, babies, the fact you are not tall enough to play with the light switches.


One of your current pastimes is picking up things that belong to other people and then running around chanting the owners name. I am impressed that you pay so much attention to people’s pants. When I let you loose in the supermarket last week you ran up the beer aisle chanting ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy’ which I enjoyed.

When i pick you up from nursery you get so excited. You like to point out all of the features on my face and violently shove your fingers into my eye sockets, up my nose and your whole fist into my mouth. I kind of like it too – that’s love that is, right there.

Your talking is coming on leaps and bounds, you don’t put many words together yet and your voice is not that clear but you like to say ‘WOW’ when you see things you like.

We all think you are pretty ‘WOW’ too!

20 months hey, what an amazing age to parent. And it would have to be wouldn’t it, as you sure as hell keep us on our toes.





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24 thoughts on “To my littlest at 1 and 1/2 years old…

  1. Lorraine Hakes

    This is perfect. It made me laugh and feel sad that we’re past that 20 months point and it just, goes. You write so brilliantly. Thank you for sharing your stories with us :)

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank YOU Lorraine for such a lovely comment :) I almost don’t post stuff like this as i don’t think anyone will care of will want to read it so i’m glad you liked it xxx

  2. Honest mum

    Just gorgeous, I’m now missing my 24 month old upstairs asleep, gosh isn’t this all consuming gorgeous love for our little ones amazing, what a heart-melter of a post lady and a post you and he will always cherish-beautiful boy too x

  3. Leila Boukarim

    This is absolutely beautiful. I had a big silly smile on my face through the whole post. Your little boy is adorable and sounds SO much like my 18 month old who is also #2.

    What a lovely letter to write to your little one. Really just beautiful.

  4. Katie @mummydaddyme

    So cute Katie, I am so behind on Mads and LL”s letters! This bit made me laugh out loud- ‘I think he needs to watch Despicable Me for a bit Mummy.’ That sounds like something Mads would say. It is an amazing age isn’t it? LL is a little firecracker! x

  5. brummymummyof2

    Oh he is such a cutie! And that hair! Mine is lacking in the hair department. My boy is 20 months and he hates his hands being dirty too. Oh it makes me all sad and just want to have another one. Sigh. Wish they would stop growing so ruddy fast bab. I really do x

  6. Jude

    I can relate to practically every line of this. My littlest is 20 months too. (I think both our kids are the same age).I love the eyeball finger shoving when he is reunited with you. We have that too. I tell myself it’s a loving shove. Gorgeous post, really tugged my mummy strings. xxx

  7. wife, Mum, Student Bum

    Aww this is gorgeous. I love how you are recording all of his little ‘things’ – I get scared that I might forget the way that they did things and their idiosyncrasies. Our little Rosie is 19 months old so can relate to all of these. However, she is the “naughty one” – and is also starting to be a BOLTER!!! FML. Lovely post, Katie. The love you have as a family shines through in every sentence xxx :)

  8. Claire

    Beautiful post. My littlest is nearly 7 months and it’s going so quick. I often find myself wanting to stop time. Your post reminded me that although those precious newborn times are gone there is still so many more precious times ahead. X

  9. Sarah

    That post made me giggle a lot. Such a lot of lovely memories all ready to put in the memory bank.

    Have you tried being a ‘sleeping lion’ .. most especially when daddy turns his key in the lock. Then he may cook dinner for you?

    (Don’t tell me you have a perfect family and he cooks as well?! ;-)

  10. Sheena

    Aw, lovely. My wee one is just about 20 months too- I feel like doing the same thing to capture her loves and hates and quirks. I was better at writing that stuff down when she was smaller.
    Although perhaps I should not do it on a day when she’s repeatedly chanted ‘NO mummy day!’ at me and eaten a book… and I’ve got a rubbish cold and am feeling particularly pregnant and unwieldy. I might not be at my most squidgy and affectionate…!


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