The Ordinary Moments – Attacking your stocking

**Note: although most people may be a bit past the subject matter of Christmas I would like to point out that today is actually the 12th and last day of the festive season (and incidentally MY BIRTHDAY). Therefore my stocking related post is entirely justified and its timing has absolutely, and categorically, nothing to do with the fact I may have forgotten the linky was on holiday last week. Thank you**

A not so ordinary moment but one that will be very ordinary for Christmas days to come…….


‘He’s been, he’s been, he’s been!!!’

A small boy bounds into our room clutching his stocking. It probably takes him about 15 seconds to pull everything out with the sort of enthusiasm only a child can muster so early in the morning.

Play doh, a robot, stickers, Lightening McQueen pants, a matching pairs game and gold coins lay strewn across the bed.

‘Can I have a chocolate now?’




The boy cannot believe his luck…..

‘Chocolate for my brek brek?’

‘Of course, it’s Christmas Day!’

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29 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Attacking your stocking

  1. cariemay

    Happy Happy Birthday! I love that Christmas justifies chocolate for all occasions in your house too – your boys look bursting with happiness!

  2. katie @mummydaddyme

    Happy Birthday lovely! And ssssssssh it is still allowed to be about Christmas, I have two Christmas posts coming up this week, mainly cause I was enjoying the festivities far too much to post them last week. I love the fact he was so excited about chocolate for brekkie, I was the same to be honest. ;) x

    1. Jenny

      Look forward to reason them. I had so many Christmas post I wanted to post but was too into the holiday and vacationing to get to it. May Christmas stretch out through January! Lol

  3. Jenny

    Love this!!! You are absolutely right it was the 12th of Christmas and I think too many forget that and after New Years cut the last week of the festive season short unfortunately. Happy birthday!!! It was mr p birthday too same day! We had to fly home from lanzarote for his bday so couldn’t do much but it was the perfect end to the holiday season. Hope you had a fab New Years and a even better year ahead in 2014!


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