The Post Christmas Devil Child

Christmas, although lovely, has left a slightly funny taste in my mouth (and no its not just the combination of too many chocolate orange segments washed down with Hendricks, which incidentally is a pretty decent pairing). I’ve seen the magic of Christmas with a child just old enough to understand it and I’ve also seen the aftermath.

A complete lack or routine, no pre-school for 2 weeks, a diet varied only by E numbers, visits, visitors, present upon present despite being a little……, making empty threats and approving ridiculous requests has led to, shall we say, a rather dramatic decline in behavior levels.


I sway between being angry and disappointed that I seem to have raised such a seemingly ungrateful and spoiled child and wondering what the hell I expected? Showering a 3 year old in chocolate, glitter and yes’s for 3 days before swiftly turning the off tap was never going to end well was it?

I am boring myself into excessive hoovering by constantly repeating myself…

  • No there are not any more presents.
  • No father Christmas will not be coming again tonight.
  • A year is a VERY long time.
  • Gold coins for breakfast was an exception.
  • So was the hour long free reign on the tin of Quality Street.
  • Definitely no more kitchen sink car wash.
  • Or sleeping with your hauler truck.
  • And yes Father Christmas does sometimes fly back and bin your new toys if you are naughty (bit mean? I think not.)

PLUS It was MY birthday on Sunday and to avoid a meltdown on MY special day he got to open MY presents :(

Never mind, never mind pre-school is back this week and we have both had a little difficulty containing our respective bladders at the thought. As i dropped him off this morning he charged through the doors and left my request for a kiss hanging in the air like the smell from a pan of sprouts, boiled to f*ck.

The staff laughed at his obvious pleasure to leave me, as they always do, but the joke will be on them as i have a feeling he will be spending a large proportion of his time on the ‘thinking mat’ today. Urgh, but then theres just more opportunity for his chatty, chatty, chat and i hope to god that he doesn’t start spouting off about how much ‘mummy’s special squash’ i have been drinking (again). I guess he’s not the only one who has been over indulging a bit lately.

As i say though, never mind, not my problem, home now, feeling tired. Hmm that must be because i forgot my post Shreddies Ferrero Rocher chaser.

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32 thoughts on “The Post Christmas Devil Child

  1. Amy

    Oh dear! Thank god for preschool eh? Think we lucked out this year. Boy1 met the new baby on Christmas Day so I think he thinks the baby is what we were celebrating! The only thing he noticed about Christmas is we had a tree inside and now we don’t. (He is sad about this so we’re getting him a plant!)
    Hope he forgets about Father C soon! X

  2. cariemay

    Poor little ones it must be pretty confusing! We’ve been having lots of conversations recently about the difference between Grandma’s house (where saying you don’t like supper gets you My Little Pony spaghetti) and home (where Mama is not a short order cook)! I think we’re getting there but it does take a while to shake back down!

  3. mummydaddyme

    Haha we are having similar things here, especially in regards to the E numbers. That photo is absolutely perfect for this post! x

  4. franglaisemummy

    So familiar, fortunately it is dumbed down as they get older, and at age 7 she understands a bit better that it’s AGES between christmases, however she is already talking about what the Easter Bunny might bring her….fortunately the 1 year old was pretty immune to it all :-)

  5. WallyMummy

    I can only imagine… thank God mine has no concept of what Xmas is and only today noticed the ‘HER tree’ had dissapeared from the living room… #phew x

  6. Dean B

    Oh you are so lucky with pre-school! Will try again this week and I totally feel for you. T is the same. We’re back to having to explain again and again that for her to have sweets & chocolates, she has to eat her main meals first. Does it work? Yes, but of course only after a meltdown. Sigh.

    1. hurrahforgin

      Oh well i hope little T likes it better this time! I think they all get a bit funny at first but you just have to try and be strong. Bet she will love it in no time x

  7. Sam

    Very familiar! JJ was also thrilled to be back at pre-school yesterday and they are both coming down after a bit of a chocolate high! If its any consolation my sister (who’s girls are now 13 and 15) says her kids were high on e-numbers at this age and they’ve turned out fine and she looked at where I’m at and said very reassuringly – “it *does* get better Sam”. Bless her!

  8. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    Cherry being ill meant she wasn’t remotely excited about anything to do with Xmas, I think it is confusing for them to be off pre-school though and to deal with so much excitement. Cherry has been off this week so I can potty train her, she expects a piece of chocolate after every wee so I’m expecting big problems in a few days when I break it to her that she can’t have a piece of chocolate after every wee forever! x

    1. hurrahforgin

      Ha, yep i remember that phase but weirdly F just stopped expecting it. I think it becomes second nature after a while so they don’t feel like they need a reward. Good luck x

  9. notafrumpymum

    I fear we may be at this point next Christmas. On the plus side hubby has suggested I put O in pre school for the morning on my day off for next year. I didn’t take much convincing!

    I love the photo, he looks so gorgeous. As if he could ever give you a hard time ;-)

  10. Kerrie McGiveron


    I’ll not say any more on the matter. I adore my children but I am now quite glad that normality has resumed. Your little devil-child, however testing, looks adorable :) xxx

  11. Notmyyearoff

    I think its a strange time of year as, in our house, we chuck all rules out the window – Z had a massive overload of jelly sweets and I couldn’t understand by evening why he was going bonkers every single evening. Normality has been resumed this week thank god!

  12. Jenny

    Oh bless her she is still absolutely adorable though. Love the costume. It’s bound to happen during the holidays to get off kilter, by Feb she will be back in the swing of these. So relieved my kid has allergies that make him not be able to have sweets/chocolates/goodies…. he is hyper enough without the sugar rush. lol

  13. Toast & Butter

    Oh dear god, we also just endured an Xmas which broke us and our toddler. She turned into a lunatic and we still can’t get her to calm down, even a month later! I blame the sugar, the relatives, the endless plastic tat…bring on next year! (not)


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