X Factor – you know what, i wanted to be a pop star too.

I can hardly bear to watch this rubbish but i do, every bloody Saturday, because I’m just a crowd following, wine drinking zombie.

I find myself shouting at the TV like a loon, i find myself developing an intense dislike for people i have never even met, i find myself willing people to fail because it makes for more interesting TV, i find myself enjoying the elimination because – you know what, life’s a bitch and sometimes you just gotta deal with that.

What really bewilders me and makes me extra shouty is the pre-recorded clips.

‘I’ve wanted to be a pop star since i was 6 months old bla bla bla’ – cue image of contestant performing at a family BBQ. Can’t everyone dig out one pathetic photo of them dressed in 80’s pop star ensemble holding a hair brush? Didn’t everyone want to be a pop star at some point?

‘This is the only thing i want to do, this is my last shot, i can’t go back to my job of plucking chicken carcases bla bla bla.’ Crikey, well sorry but people gotta work, gotta live, gotta eat. Not everyone gets to live their dream.377167_10150483460680097_2096122076_n

If i could sing, if i was prettier, if i was younger, if i had a more of an interesting personality they hey you know what, i would love to be a pop star too.

Hell, i would love to be in 1 Direction as i reckon they are living the life of Riley right now but i’m not a teenage boy for starters and no amount of whinging on camera to millions of viewers is going to change that.

You’re not good/original enough poppet. Them’s the breaks. soz.

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18 thoughts on “X Factor – you know what, i wanted to be a pop star too.

  1. 3yearsandhome

    I love X Factor but came to it quite late. I only started watching three years ago when I was pregnant with CK so I’m still not jaded by it. I wouldn’t be a pop star for love nor money but give me a behind the scenes producer role (more power and money/less fame and press) and I’d be made up.

  2. cariemay

    I suspect we’d all love a job that involves being paid vast sums of money to follow our passions, whatever they are! I just feel sorry for the contestants – what a way to have your dreams shattered!

  3. mummydaddyme

    Don’t hate me if I say that I actually genuinely love X Factor! ;) I didn’t when I was cool and went out but since I am a Mum it is my fave. ;) x

  4. notafrumpymum

    If I’d ever told my mum I was auditioning for x-factor, she would have told me quite firmly “forget it love, you can’t sing for toffee” so I’m always curious as to why someone has never politely said to some of the acts, maybe singing isn’t for you! Great post x

  5. Victoria Welton (@VicWelton)

    X Factor is our go-to Saturday night programme during the winter. We love pausing the show after every song and pretending we are the judges! Does that make us sad?! But I do agree with you totally about the blah blah clips – so unoriginal!! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x


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