The Boys


My little Pirates! It’s been quite a while since i did a post on you two. This blog was meant to be a bit of an online diary but somehow it’s manifested into….well i don’t know really, just a place with random ranty spiel i suppose. Anyway, so i feel bad that i don’t mention the most important people in my life just a little bit more! Here we go then….

Little Mr. F wow your loud! You have an answer for everything, is there, um, anything you don’t know? The backchat has already began ‘No i won’t! you do it!’ We are probably shouldn’t laugh and I’m sure it will come back to bite us on our bums but you look so cute stomping your feet and announcing each word with an extra dollop of ‘spirit’.


You have always been super sociable but it is only lately that you have started to form true friendships. You talk about your little pre-school friends all the time, E being your best friend, above everyone. You wear your heart on your sleeve though and should we bump into him when we are out and about, you run up to him, throw your arms around him and declare ‘I love you E, i love you, i love you!’ I want to say ‘hey chill out a bit kid’ but i adore how friendly you are at the same time.

Over the last couple of months we have been trying to get you to take more responsibility for yourself as being August born you will be starting school in under 10 months at just turned 4 years old! You are not too keen and would still prefer me to do the boring task of getting you dressed and ready. You can do it yourself if you are that way inclined but i think you see me doing it for your brother and still want to be my baby in a way. You always will be by the way!

You like Lightening McQueen, Francesco Bernoulli, Mater the tow-truck (so yeh Disney Cars) spending 10 minutes choosing which ‘friends’ to take to bed with you at night, spending 10 minutes getting out of bed and asking to go to the loo/choose another friend/have another cuddle, your balance bike, stomping in leaves, chicken nuggets, pre-school, building train tracks, saying ‘Crikey O’Reilly!‘ and customising your cars with play-doh.

You don’t like getting dressed, having your hair washed, fireworks, spiders, any fruit except apples, banana’s and grapes, leaving anywhere (no yet, not yet!), sitting, your brother grabbing your things, your brother pulling your hair, your er….brother ;)

Baby S crikey you just keep getting bigger and older! You are into EVERYTHING! I can hardly even remember what you were like before you could crawl, what did you even do?! It came from nowhere and you went from 0-60 in the space of a week. You just want to move all the time now and the lovely days of nanny jumperoo are over :)


You are getting more chatty by the day and you can say Dada (pronounced Daddin juts like your big bro) and Mama or Mamu for me. I’m so sure you are saying in in context too although some people might say it’s a bit early at just tuned 9 months. Well screw them.

You are a great eater so far and i feed you the same as your brother, I’m very lucky that you will eat finger foods and off a spoon too. I love that i can just cook up a batch of pasta and you are happy to shovel it all down yourself despite not having any teeth. You are sleeping so much better now too and more often than not go from 7 to 6.30/7 in the morning without waking – it’s taken a while to get there so i can afford myself the boast!

You like sucking whole rice cakes, fish pie, squeaky toys, pulling the cats hair, the x-box, eating headphones, anything your brother has, blueberries, strumming your lips (or anyone else’s), music, dancing, tickling and crawling in the bath.

You don’t like other people crying, having snot sucked out of your nose, cheese, cold milk, having your nappy changed, bopping your head, sudden loud noises (you get scared and pull the cutest face), keeping still and being confined (sound similar to anyone?). Oh and Marmite, we may come to blows over this as we are all lovers of yeast extract in our House!


Now that you can move the relationship you have with your big bro has really changed. Some might say not for the better as there is more squabbling and snatching but for me i like that there is that constant interaction between you both, even if it isn’t often positive! You love your brother and always want to be near him and doing what he is doing and you are so, so similar to the way he was at your age!

Little F you can’t fool me, as much as you protest the love always shines through eventually. I was trying to get your shoes on to leave the other day and as S was upset my friend picked him up and you got all upset and asked for her to ‘give him back to mummy’. She asked if she could keep him but you were non too keen and announce a defiant ‘NO!‘ and gave him a big cuddle – i could hardly believe my eyes!

You boys – you little ants in your pants fidgets, always on the go, always busy – you are so similar that i have no doubt that one day you will be the best of friends x


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24 thoughts on “The Boys

  1. Dean B

    Oh my, your boys are the most adorable ones I’ve ever seen! Love the pouty photo of F and baby S, so, so, so cute! Your boys are so lovely… they ought to be models! :)

  2. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    Ah they are too cute. Cherry doesn’t like getting dressed herself either and I think it’s also because she wants to be like J. But then she’s still in nappies for that reason too! The longer it goes on the more she’s determined not to get out of them. And yep I’ve just put our Jumperoo on EBay, J just doesn’t want to be in it now he can move, bummer! x

    1. hurrahforgin

      Thanks Jess! I’m sure Cherry will get there, F was a bit late potty training but i thought best not to push it and he sort of did it off his own accord in the end.

      RIP jumperoo :(

  3. notafrumpymum

    Lovely post, it must be wonderful to see the growing bond between the two of them.

    Little O used to love his jumperoo, although for months everytime you held him up to standing he would bounce his knees as if he was still in it. He didn’t quite get you don’t always need to bounce!

  4. 3yearsandhome

    Your boys and my boys are so, so similar. I guess because they’re of a similar age and with a similar age gap. Love the photos too. I’m considering investing in some face paints but fear for my walls.

  5. mummydaddyme

    Just gorgeous little pirates! I love their little beards! ;) And they sound as cheeky as my two little ladies- we so need to get a bit of a double date going on! x

  6. Morgana @ butwhymummywhy

    Katie, they are just so cute! It’s great watching siblings interact isn’t it? It changes so much as each one gets older.
    AND how little will Mr F look in his school uniform next year?! I bet you can’t believe that he’s starting soon xx


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