A Family Portrait For December


I want to start with something oh so predictable like ‘I can’t believe its the end of December already!’ or ‘just where did 2013 go?’ Its what everyone seems to say isn’t it, but the older i get the more those lines ring true.

I remember being a kid and advent seemed to last for a year, every door on the calender opened was at least a week apart. Now life is hurtling by with ferocious intent.

This Christmas was our first as a family of 4…..


It wasn’t relaxing but it was still lovely, just a different lovely.

It was no longer about leisurely breakfasts, lounging around watching the soaps, 3 hours putting the world to rights over dinner and a big lie in on boxing day.

It was about making it the best and most exciting day ever for 2 little people who also happen to be my whole world.

I think they liked it….

PicMonkey Collage

And if they are happy then so are we (except for the period of shouting ‘I DON’T LIKE IT HERE!’ in church).

Just happy and tired, always happy and tired. Oh and a little bit on the edge, but yeh apart from that mostly happy ;)


dear beautiful

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22 thoughts on “A Family Portrait For December

  1. dearbeautifulboy

    How cute are their Christmas jumpers? Gorgeous! It’s funny how Christmas changes as you become a parent and it all becomes focused on giving the children the best day ever. Not that we’d have it any other way.
    Love the photos and all the smiles between you. x

  2. Dean B

    You guys are the cutest! I keep saying that I know… Anyway, church… failed again to go. But we went the Sunday before Christmas and the intent was there… does that count? Lovely new header btw. Oh and in case I haven’t greeted you Happy New Year! Hope 2014 gives you ALL your hearts desire! xxx

  3. Caro

    Love these pics :) Our Christmas was not relaxing either but I have loved every minute; and it was our first Christmas as a family of 4 too :) Think there’s a theme happening here…! Love your new header illustration BTW X

  4. Josie

    So sweet! Yes Christmas is definitely not as relaxing as it used to be. I think I sat down for 10 minutes over 2 days, but it certainly is a lot of fun. And ha! for the shout out in church!

  5. cariemay

    Ooo I love the new header! (She says hoping it is new and not just a case of failure to pay attention!) your Christmassy pictures are lovely, and it looks like you had a wonderful day, even if church didn’t quite go to plan!

  6. Lauren

    These are lovely.
    We started a church Christingle tradtion 4 years ago, we lasted 2 years and then stopped going as Charles was bored and there would be no way Harry would keep quiet! ha! x

  7. mummydaddyme

    Loving the Christmas jumpers! And you all look like you had a very Happy Christmas. I know what you mean, they most certainly aren’t relaxing, and I was a little bit excited when they went to bed on Christmas Day as it was hectic from start to finish, but it was still lovely! Happy New Year too lovely. xx

  8. chloebridge

    Since I let go of the idea of Christmas being remotely relaxing post-children, I’ve found I enjoy myself a lot more during the festive period. It’s a different kind of special when you have children, but I do love it. Love their christmas jumpers, and your littlest is looking so much like a little boy and not a baby now!!

  9. SAHMlovingit

    Aw, you’re so right – Christmas seemed to take FOREVER when I was younger and now the days just whizz by. Love the photos, you do look happy indeed. Oh and I’m loving the little Christmas jumpers x


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