An alternative Mother’s Day card

bath cardfinal

 Happy Mother’s Day to all the imperfect Mamas out there. And to my own who was, and is, pretty perfect in every way :)


P.S. My new book is out NOW. It is very stupid and makes a very lovely Christmas present for people (unless they don't like terrible drawings or the word fuck). You can buy it on Amazon (CURRENTLY 67% OFF) here or in all good bookshops and supermarkets :)



18 thoughts on “An alternative Mother’s Day card

  1. josandelson

    Only semi-conscious when I started reading this and thought the letter was from you to your Mum. Was vaguely thinking that Cheerios have been around for quite a while now. Best off to bed now x

  2. Mel Molloy

    I don’t know why we have glitter in this house. ..99.9% of the time I say ‘no, not today…’ it brings me out in a cold sweat as it ingrains itself on the table. ..happy mother’s day! X

  3. Shannon

    Ha ha! It’s not Mother’s day here so I thought the first post I saw was a mistake but I guess not. Ours is in late May. Happy Mother’s day :-)

  4. franglaisemummy

    I love that card, I want it! Get it printed for next year, I will make Hubs get it for me ;-) What a lovely post, and I love seeing old pics like these ones. x


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