A Family Portrait For April


I think our portrait for this month is particularly fitting, what says spring better than baby lambs? Mmmmmm tasty.

Before arriving at the farm to see the lambing we had been quite sure we would be spending the majority of our time staring at machinery rather than animals as F has never really shown much interest in living things (including his own dear brother).

For example, at Longleat Safari Park i brought him face to face with an incredibly intriguing anteater, certain it would spark a flicker of interest but he just wriggled free of my grasp and bolted towards the train. Things were no better at Marwell Zoo where he spent most of the time peering through the bars at the various breeds of digger helping construct a new enclosure.

He often looks at animals, including our own cat, blankly or with an element of contempt or disdain – as if to question ‘whats the point in that, it doesn’t even have wheels?’

So imagine our complete delight to see him actually stroking a lamb of his own accord! For an animal lover, with little to no interest in cars, this was very pleasing to me indeed.


It was no surprise to find that the baby loves lambs, the baby loves everything. One – what an age, a sheer delight in every way. I would consider freezing him in time right now if it were not for his life’s mission to kill himself and destroy everything in his path.


So in April we learnt that we all like lambs – both eating them and looking at them. Luckily as yet, no connection has been made between the two.

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25 thoughts on “A Family Portrait For April

  1. josandelson

    Lovely pics as usual, Katie – can almost smell the straw and woolly fleeces. Good your elder son showed an interest, mine is still: HIM: “what are you doing today when i’m at school?” ME:”walking friend’s dog” HIM:”oh” ME:”shall we get a dog?” HIM: ‘shudders’ “no thanks Mum, I’m not an animal lover”

  2. suzanne3childrenandit

    Aw look at your little baby! I love that age too :) I am rather sad that my lot are too old now to be going round the farms and petting lambs….might take a trip there on my own one day whilst they’re at school!

  3. thenthefunbegan

    Ah! Lambs! Hmm, just realised I had lamb for dinner last night. Why does there have to be a connection, why?!!! Nice to see F getting a bit more involved though. And oh my goodness 1 is the cutest age isn’t it? My sister reckons 8-18 months is the best as they suddenly have a personality but not yet having tantrums. EJ at 21 months is starting to have the odd meltdown! He is also still trying to kill himself and also destroy our home into the bargain – with great hilarity!

  4. Lauren

    Awww that’s lovely. It looks like a lovely place to visit. I love going to farms and especially seeing children interacting with the animals x

  5. Katie @mummydaddyme

    I funnily enough don’t eat lamb as I just don’t like the meat so I don’t feel guilty looking at these little creatures and your cute photos. If it was a chicken on the other hand. ;) Gorgeous photos of your little family this month Katie. xx

  6. Jenny

    Katie I love these photos. Amongst the lambs how very sweet. I have never had lamb so no guilt yet. I know what you are thinking no lamb no gin where have I been living under a rock? lol Glad you have had a great time with the lambs, making good family memories. #me&mine

  7. wrymummy

    “The baby loves everything” – love that! So cute. Being a veggie I have to quail at your bloodthirsty take on the cute little woolikins but I’ll let you off cos I love you and your work, you toptastic Fresh Voice you! xxx


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