Advent Illustrated

Unedited scenes from the Advent frontline…





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ate all

next day





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16 thoughts on “Advent Illustrated

  1. Anny

    DS (4) has been getting up extra early (4.45-5.45am) every day this month to open his bastard calendars and DD (1) has had a meltdown every day that she can only have one chocolate and then has another meltdown every time she sees the calendar and remembers she can’t have any more. Roll on 25th…

  2. Gemma

    Soooo funny, and so true. I’m going to show this to my husband who thinks there is something wrong with our children for behaving exactly like this. Now he will know that it’s kids – they’re all the same…!!!

  3. Jo

    You’re spying on me, aren’t you? I swear to GOD you’re in my house. Because our “never gets up early 3yo riser” is currently cracking the 5ams for the advent calendar. With shouting! Sitting on my HEAD singing jingle bells at 5:40am! The freakin advent calendar. And HE’S NOW MESSING WITH MY HEAD wanting to open the windows OUT OF ORDER.

  4. Karen @TalesofaTwinMum

    Haha ah how our lives have changed – I remember when Christmas was about festive booze and chocolates and now it’s just about tantrums from kids fighting over calendars with tiny chocolates that aren’t even Cadburys. Mine eat theirs straight after breakfast and then demand them again at bedtime every. single. night. Happy Christmas lovely! xx

  5. Jane

    Plus no one under 8 in my house will eat anything other than brown food for the whole of December. Anything remotely healthy is rejected and chocolate is demanded morning noon and night!

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  7. Crazy mummy of 5

    Hahaha. DS4 (4) has eaten all my kids calenders. I have 4 boys and one girl. DD (8) has ended up with 2 calenders…. Over the past week he’s eaten the lot!!! I’m fed up of saying Santa won’t come if…..

  8. Jack

    Kids are kids. If you try to get them to do stuff that’s above their pay grade, they’re just going to get frustrated. It should be obvious to any dolt that showing little kids chocolates that they can’t eat is just plain stupid. Let’s use some common sense folks.


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