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3am is the loneliest time – Insomnia


3am is the loneliest time.

Too late to pretend you could be still up watching TV, too soon for even the earliest risers to be getting ready for work. The late night cabs dropping people home from their nights out have stopped and the distant din from milk floats or post vans is yet to break the silence.

At 3am it feels like you are the only one awake.

When my older son was about 3 months old and starting to occasionally sleep through the night I was hit in the face with a brick. The brick would strike in the middle of the night shocking me awake and into a blind panic.

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How to get your baby to sleep through the night?


I was in the healthy child drop in clinic the other day and as i was waiting to get baby S weighed i was ear-wigging on the conversation another mum was having with the Health Visitor about her 6 month old daughter. It went something like this: –

Flustered Mum “So i leave the room and she just starts crying, so i wait 15 minutes before going back in but she won’t stop crying – should i wait even longer?”

HV “No you can’t leave a baby that young to cry for 15 minutes”

Flustered Mum “But the last Health Visitor i saw told me to leave her for 15 minutes? What do you think i should do then?”

HV “Well to me it sounds like she could be overtired – Have you tried bringing her bedtime forwards?”

Increasingly flustered Mum “No – i was told to try putting her to bed later as perhaps she isn’t tired enough”

HV “Well maybe it’s a hunger thing, maybe you need to up her solids in the day”

Very Irate and flustered Mum  “She’s eating loads – everyone keeps telling me different stuff! How am i meant to know who is right?”

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