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The Baby Led Weaning Police

***First off i just want to clarify that this is not a post to bash all people who BLW – just some of them ;)***

Lets cut to the chase, being the lazy mama that i am, i was dreading weaning the second time around. When baby S hit 6 months we were eager to make things as easy as possible so i looked into BLW as a means to save all the time spent chopping, blending and shoveling.

As it turned out i was far too highly strung to do pure BLW. I found myself hovering around his highchair depositing bits of food into his mouth and feeling a bit wound up by all the mess and waste.

However, back to the point in question, when i was doing research into BLW and what foods were best to give babies at what stages i found it really hard to find a decent blog article or book that didn’t start off with a massive spoon feeding bashing session.

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Weaning dread – the second time around.

So we have started the joys of weaning and I must admit I have been dreading it. So far Seth has been breastfed and although I struggled at first, now for the most part, it’s a breeze.

So as our little guy starts to grow into the next stage of his babyhood my head hurts with all the practicalities. I have totally forgotten everything from last time around!

When should you introduce finger food? When can they have meat? Do you give food before or after milk? Can someone just write me a new routine? How the hell am I supposed to cart around all the extra paraphernalia along with the copious changes of clothes for a potty training toddler?! And the mess, oh the mess.

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