The smuggest user signature ever?

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while, for myself to keep a record of the early years of my boys life’s and (hopefully) for others to read and take comfort from my amateur mum mishaps. I admit like most of us i muddle though and make mistakes but it’s not made easy by the smug mum that every NCT or toddler group clique seems to have.

I came across the below signature the other day on a popular forum and to be honest it made me want to do a little bit of sick in my mouth.

xxxx xxxx 2010 – 7llb 5oz & xxxx xxxx 2012 – 7llb 1oz. Hypnobirthed, EBF, Cloth bummed, BLW and a bundles of smiles.

Why do we need to use our parenting choices as a badge of honour? In particular….

Natural births. Yep great if you can do it but who cares if you can’t? I’ve had an epidural and it was fricking marvelous. My second son came out too quickly for any drugs but if he had of taken any longer i would have been begging for the hard stuff once again.

Breast feeding. I had a horrendous experience the first time round but second time round I’m on month five of exclusive breastfeeding, I’m pretty happy about this largely because I can’t be doing with the hassle of bottles and I can eat more cake. However I don’t feel the need to keep telling everyone my son is EBF and I certainly don’t want to socialise with people based purely on this fact. I was invited to a ‘Boobies & Banter’ (yes really!) event recently, sadly I was unavailable to attend.

Baby led weaning. Why does this even have a name? I feed my babies ‘food’ some of it is mushy and some of it is hard. It’s not that I disagree but I just can’t stand the way some people give you disapproving looks for spoon feeding your baby whilst loading up a spoon and passing it to the baby to administer itself. Oh so different apparently.

Cloth bumming. Yes it’s great for the environment and saves money. I admire your commitment but personally can’t be arsed. Just please away with the smugness.

Sugar and salt free. Chocolate buttons, biscuits, a grab bad of quavers or even the ultimate ‘evil’ – Fruit Shoots. Sometimes vital to get your toddler to sit still for 5 minutes while you stuff down the remains of what was meant to be a nice family meal out. Once in a while it’s ok, it really is.

IMG_1508Enjoying a quiet pint at the pub with the golden boy

To be honest I’m not pro or anti any of these choices, how you choose to give birth to or feed your child is nobodies business but your own.  It’s just well – why do some mums feel the need to be so damn judgey?



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10 thoughts on “The smuggest user signature ever?

  1. suzanne3childrenandit

    Well said that lady! I can’t bear all the smugness that goes with the judgemental attitude. I’m pretty darn sure out kids will not care less if they wore a cloth nappy or pampers when they’re in their 20s! Bully for you that’s what it say! PS still no idea what baby les weaning is….guess I probably didn’t do it!

  2. Dawn Frazier

    I like your thinking. I feel exactly the same. Does it really make you mother of the year if you use disposable nappies, bottle feed and give your children sweets sometimes? :-)

  3. Mum in a Hurry (@mum_in_a_hurry)

    Brilliant post and well said! I tried reuseable nappies as hubby wanted to save money (and possibly the planet but I suspect the money was the biggest issue knowing him) but in the end I told him unless he wanted to stay home with the little blighter he could blooming well cough up for disposables! I have also experienced both kinds of birth – rather traumatic long labour where I had to have epidural and much quicker one where I only had time for gas and air – and was in birth pool. I know which one I preferred but the first time I didn’t really have much of a choice and actually I’m proud of myself for getting through the harder birth at all!

    1. hurrahforgin

      Typical man – no bloody idea! I juts ignore my husband most of the time ;)

      I am also prouder of my first labour which was LONG and ended in an epidural. Second time around i could boast and say i was brave and did it naturally but i was just lucky it was so quick!

  4. cb

    What about baby-wearing cosleeping? I heard there were extra gold stars for those too….but pouches and very handy back packs don’t count, it must be a sling!

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