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Little F’s birth story.

39133_10150222321860411_6145038_nmy last bump pic – 3 days later it all kicked off

I don’t want this to be a big long post going through every tiny detail about the day i became a mum for the first time but I’m afraid if i don’t write it down soon i will start to forget it.

I don’t want to do a post that is predictable, cheesy and vomit inducing but i apologise because i’m afraid it probably will be….at least a little bit!

Ok here goes….

On the 12th August 2010 I woke up and something didn’t feel quite right, i went to the loo and to me it looked and felt like my waters had gone. I was also getting funny little niggles so i told J and he decided to stay home from work. He commuted up to London at the time and if it did turn out i was in labour it would have been a 2hr trip to get home – not good.

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Drug free vs. epiduraled up. My two different birth experiences.

I’ve been thinking about my two different labour and birth experiences lately as a few of my friends are pregnant or have recently given birth and naturally they have asked questions about how things went for me.

With Felix i had an epidural, read magazines to pass the time and was almost falling asleep between the pushes.

With Seth it was drug free, i punched the walls to pass the time and i almost wanted to die between the pushes.

Of my second birth people tell me i should be so proud and although i understand where they are coming from in actual fact i am much prouder for coming through my first experience.

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The smuggest user signature ever?

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while, for myself to keep a record of the early years of my boys life’s and (hopefully) for others to read and take comfort from my amateur mum mishaps. I admit like most of us i muddle though and make mistakes but it’s not made easy by the smug mum that every NCT or toddler group clique seems to have.

I came across the below signature the other day on a popular forum and to be honest it made me want to do a little bit of sick in my mouth.

xxxx xxxx 2010 – 7llb 5oz & xxxx xxxx 2012 – 7llb 1oz. Hypnobirthed, EBF, Cloth bummed, BLW and a bundles of smiles.

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