10 things i miss most from before having kids

1, Long lazy afternoons reading the papers in the pub with a bottle of red

2, Enjoying a relaxing bath without a small person coming in for a ‘chat’

3, Watching Saturday kitchen in bed

4, Not having annoying cbeebies theme tunes constantly circling round in my head

5, Leisurely shopping for clothes or just shopping for clothes full stop

6, A Weetabix free kitchen floor

7, Conversations about things other than ice cream and cars

9, Going out for the night without worrying how i will cope looking after 2 small people with a hangover and no sleep

9, Being able to go out for the night

10, Sleep

There’s a common theme here and mostly it’s about missing time being lazy. Being lazy and having kids just doesn’t mix. The stupid thing is that even when i do get a rare opportunity to be lazy i’m thinking about the kids!

Perhaps i don’t miss being lazy all that much….


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10 thoughts on “10 things i miss most from before having kids

  1. jennypaulin

    oh yes i agree with many of these! and i think you have hit the nail on the head – it is being lazy that i miss too. watching TV in bed on a sunday morning, watching a film on a sunday afternoon and being allowed to doze off lol ahhhhhhh the good old lazy days pre children!! xx


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