Date day with my no.1

Date day is something I have been meaning to introduce for a while as a way of spending some quality time with my eldest son. I’ve posted before about the jealousy issues we have experienced since his little bro was born and now I’m not feeding 24/7 it’s great that we can get some 1:1 time together again.

So the plan is that every few weeks my husband stays with the littlest allowing me and F to get out together. We may go to the park or swimming but on this occasion we decided to take a trip into town on the bus.


First stop was lunch. We wanted something delicious (?!), quick and easy so the natural choice was good old Maccy D’s. Now i know it’s not exactly nutritious but this is treat day and anything yellow, crispy and sans vegetables is consumed with minimal fuss. Happy F = happy Mama.

20130825-155227.jpg 20130825-155123.jpg

This day is supposed to be all about his nibs but our next stop was also something I had dying to do for ages, visiting the Build-A-Bear Workshop – I so wish this had existed when I was a kid! I really had to fight with myself to take a step back and allow him complete creative control. Luckily (as there are some complete monstrosities!) he chose well, the cheapest bear and a little fireman’s outfit (£21 in total so not too bad!).



Truly terrifying things on roller skates the staff were dragging round the shop on leads

It was pretty cool and he really enjoyed it. You get to choose your bear/scary winged pony thing, taking it to the stuffing station and put a little heart in him, groom his coat, dress him and type up his birth certificate. For obvious reasons he was named Sam.

Next we headed to a cafe for a well deserved coffee for me and a cake for F which he nicely shared with his new Pal.


By now our legs were pretty tired so we hopped on the bus home. Felix was so excited to show his Daddy his new little friend and tell him about how he was made. They all snuggled up on the sofa together to watch an episode of Fireman Sam and as we speak they are now snuggled up in bed together too.



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8 thoughts on “Date day with my no.1

  1. Mummy Hearts You

    I’ve resisted going into build a bear, I know Moo would love it! She was bought I one when she was born but she would love dressing the bear and putting the heart in! Such a great idea!

    Not a fan of the things on roller skates ;)

    Sounds like you had a lovely day x

  2. mummydaddyme

    Aw this is so lovely. I am definitely going to have date days with my two- we tried one at the cinema the other day but unfortunately she didn’t like the cinema. It is something I can’t wait to do with them both. x

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