The Ordinary Moments – The Cooker Man

Ok so this is a rubbish photo but i think it captures the essence of what the Ordinary Moments is about pretty well.


It was Monday afternoon and we were all hanging in the living room, I was just chatting to my husband about some sort of rubbish when up comes my oldest son Felix; he has placed a t-shirt on his head and wrapped one of my scarves around his body – he announces…

Hello – I’m the cooker man!

I have absolutely no idea what a cooker man is (chef? Oven fixer?) or indeed how this make shift outfit related to him in anyway but it was priceless. We laughed pretty hard.

It was something i want to remember not just because it was funny but because F had been grown up enough to plan this little moment all on his own. He created an outfit and put on a funny voice – he realised it would be funny to do it all whilst we weren’t looking and shock us with a big reveal. At just turned 3 that makes me pretty proud!

Oh i also like that his little bro is chuckling in the background too :)

This post is linked up with to Mummy, Daddy, Me for the Ordinary Moments. Sharing normal, everyday moments that capture the essence of family life. Nothing special, nothing remarkable but memories that you don’t want to forget. AKA the nice part of my blog (usually).

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11 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – The Cooker Man

  1. Mummy Hearts You

    I love it! I love the way they come up with things on their own and its show of their imagination. Moo is forever, saying things that take us by surprise and has us in fits of giggles, and its always when we least expect it :)

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Bless him, this is why I love this linky. You may have forgotten this moment if it wasn’t for taking the photo and putting the words up. And he looks a very professional ‘cooker man’ indeed. ;) x


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