On Foreseeing Death And Danger Everywhere


We’re waiting on the platform and your hand slips from mine as the train rolls into the station

We’re playing chicken by the edge of the sea and a huge wave appears and sweeps you away from me

We’re waiting for traffic lights to change and the buggy suddenly rolls from my grip out into the road

We’re having a picnic and a frigging huge pterodactyl swoops down from the sky and snatches you back to her hungry babies

Ok maybe not the last one but does anyone else constantly play out these types of scenario’s in their head? I’ll be like happily going about my day when suddenly horrific events start unfolding in my mind and my grip will tighten and I’ll pull you a little closer. Sometimes they are down right ridiculous and I’ll have to have a quiet word with myself.

You see they tell me it’s only going to get worse! That i won’t be able to sleep until i hear your key turn in the lock, that i will dread the day you get your driving license, that one day you will go away and get hideously drunk in another country and do a whole manor of unsavory things before passing out in the road (just as i did).

But i don’t want to be the mum that wraps her children in cotton wool and passes her fears onto them. So i take a step back and i let you climb that frame that’s a bit too high for my liking and i let you scoot on the quieter roads trusting you to stop at the curb.

And it’s all good little guy because you want to be a fireman when you grow up and that ain’t no job for a pansy :)



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8 thoughts on “On Foreseeing Death And Danger Everywhere

  1. ourlifebusymakingmemories

    Oh gosh! i am terrible for doing this, and i swear Sebastian does dangerous things just to scare me. Running away from me and straight up the nearest staircase, to stand at the top with his arms out looking like hes going to jump laughing his head off is his latest trick.

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme

    I totally get this. I am a MASSIVE worrier, and I also have a really over active imagination to so I always think of dangerous situations. For some reason I am worse in winter, I think its the cold, dark days that make me more wary. Strange I know! x

  3. butwhymummywhy

    I can really relate to this! Noo went out for the day with her Granny on Friday and as I have saying goodbye a huge wave of panic and foreboding washed over me that some thing awful could happen and that I may never see her again!! So irrational and over dramatic! My husband just laughs at me and thinks I’m a little bit mad. Maybe its a mummy thing?! x

  4. Loubelle

    I think it’s perfectly normal to have these thoughts and worries, but we have to let them have little bits of freedoms as they grow up as much as it pains us to do so. You can spot the high school children who have never been given any freedom a mile off. They are a danger to themselves and have no idea of street smarts.

  5. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    I totally get this! I am always worrying about bad things happening or people dying. It’s actually really exhausting and I just wish I could enjoy things without it always hanging over my head. Sometimes I can rationalise the fear and other times the fear really takes over. The thing I hate most is that no-one can say anything to make it better as no-one knows when we will die! x


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