To cut or not to cut? Long hair on boys

So my eldest son F is getting referred to as a ‘she’ quite a bit lately; um well most of the time actually.

At the park yesterday and the results were as follows – Being called a she 3-0 Being called a he.


Soon as he is dressed pretty boysey most of the time the key source of confusion seems to stem from the Hair. Hair we haven’t had properly cut since he was born.

My husband has been on at me for a while to get it cut as he thinks it looks a mess and he is even more adamant with the whole ‘Oh isn’t she pretty‘ type comments.

But i can’t bare to part with the pretty gold ringlets. What do you think? Should boys have short hair? Please say no!


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22 thoughts on “To cut or not to cut? Long hair on boys

  1. whatthemom

    We also have boys that have both had long hair and I loved it! I didn’t love it when people called them she. For kindergarten we cut it short on the sides but still longer on top. If you love it keep it!

  2. 3yearsandhome

    My son has the closest crop acceptable for a toddler but I love it that way because it’s a complete contrast to his huge eyes and pouty lips. I’d go with whatever your son prefers though. If mine asked to grow it long, for sure I’d let him.

  3. the mmmmm family

    My little boy had beautiful ringlets up until he was about 3 and then they started to fall out. I couldn’t bring myself to cut his hair though, despite it getting rather long and tangly. He was always being mistaken for a girl even though he was dressed like a boy. He started school this week and I took him for a big boy haircut last week. He looks so different and there is no mistaking he is a boy now and I have no regrets getting it cut. I really don’t see there being a problem at all with long hair on boys as long as he is happy with it. Maybe you could cut his fringe and leave the rest long just as a compromise to keep your husband happy?!?! :-)

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  5. ourlifebusymakingmemories

    Keep the curls! They’re so gorgeous. We have this argument all the time as Dadda hates it when the first strands of Sebastian’s hair creeps over his ears! So Dadda takes him to get it cut under strict instructions not to go too short. If I had my way Sebastian would be a little surfer with long hair!

  6. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    I love long hair on boys, and men for that matter! My OH had a ponytail until recently when he went to the other extreme and shaved it all of! I think I will let J’s hair grow until it gets to the stage where people make comments, it scares me to think of him having a hair cut that makes him look too grown up. His curly locks are amazing by the way! x


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