A Family Portrait For September


I’ve really welcomed September and the change in climate this year – the summer was fantastic but having two young, fair children in the heat comes with it’s challenges. It’s nice to finally be able to say goodbye to sunhats, suncream and avoiding the midday sun.

In lots of ways, as long as the rain stays away, it makes getting out and about easier and opens up many more possibilities. It also makes pushing over 5 stones worth of buggy weight easier too (although i may have to cut back on the cakes)!

Living by the sea we spend a hell of a lot of time at the beach. I grew up by the sea and it forms such a huge part of my childhood memories – it’s important to me to create those happy memories for the boys too.

In the last few weeks we may not have been swimming or building sandcastles but we can take leisurely strolls, scoot along the promenade, skim (or throw!) stones into the sea and collect shells. That’s exactly what we were doing on the day we took our September Me & Mines.

The stretch of beach between Brighton and Hove is always busy throughout the year so getting a clear shot with no photo bombing was a tad challenging – we had to get the timing just right and then run back and get into shot.

I think we did ok though. The day was pretty grey as you can see but the weather was still quite warm and there were even a few people swimming. To add to the atmosphere there was also a man playing the trumpet by the shoreline, typical Brighton. It was a lovely afternoon and as usual i had to drag the little guy home feeling hard done by that we were only there for a pitiful 2 hours – it’s a tough gig being 3 ;)











dear beautiful


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24 thoughts on “A Family Portrait For September

  1. Lucy

    So many gorgeous family photos from you this month (love all the individual photos too!) I’m so jealous that you live by the sea, I so wish I did. Love the colours in your photos; the clothes, the sea, the pebbles, the beach huts all work together so nicely. x

  2. Carie

    that last shot is intrepid – tell truth, how many toes got soaked by an unexpected wave while you were taking it?! My Dad was very keen on shoreline shots when we were little (I grew up in Devon before transplanting to deepest darkest Warwickshire) and someone always got a swim they weren’t planning on taking!
    They are lovely photos, and capture what looks like a fantastic day out!

  3. Charlotte

    Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful backdrop! I would live the chance to take some photos there, when can I come and visit? ;) Love them all but I think the one where he’s about to throw the stone is my favourite! x

  4. jennypaulin

    that shingle beach is so recognisable to Brighton isn’t it? and those fab colourful beach huts. lovely photos that look like you were all having such fun together and i love the colours of the stones and pebbles on the beach which complememnts the stripes in the tops that both your beautiful children are wearing. x


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