The Ordinary Moments – Playing Together


My moment this week is something that would be incredibly ordinary for some – for me it was pretty extraordinary.

I’ve written about it before but we have experience terrible sibling rivalry since the birth of baby S – to say the least his big brother was not keen and although we have progressed to a level of acceptance, in general there is no love lost.

So imagine my surprise when i happened upon this scene.

I had just popped out of the room for a moment and when i returned i saw something incredibly special. Little F had got his guitar out, laid it on the floor and let Baby S press the buttons on the top end.

When he noticed me he said ‘look mummy he’s playing my guitar with me – he can play the guitar too – LOOK!’

It was so sweet to see them playing together for the first time – i would love to say it continued but it went back to ‘no get off Seth – that’s mine‘ five minutes later.

Small steps. Small steps.


This is what happened today at the supermarket. Mega tantrum as the result of enforced proximity to his dear bro. They actually had to touch! One step forwards two steps back….

20130929-200741.jpg   20130929-200808.jpg

mummy daddy me


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18 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Playing Together

  1. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    I can totally relate to this! I think Cherry mainly thinks of J as an annoyance and I’m just hoping as he gets older it might change but I’m not so sure! When I do see signs of her sharing / playing with him it is amazing! x

  2. hodgepodgecraft

    How lovely! It’s these moments of adorable delight and excitement (realising the ‘baby’ can join in) and sweet brotherly co-operation (sharing without being forced to) during the developing sibling relationship that remind you why you didn’t want the first to be an only child and (almost) makes up for the near-constant bickering and yelling between them…

    Er, or maybe that’s just mine? :/

  3. helloitsgemma

    A lovely moment, am sure as they both get older it will be get better – the photos from the supermarket speak volumes, one looks so happy and the other so miserable! I feel for you – must be hard work! Small steps. Small steps.

  4. cariemay

    Progress is progress, even if short lived and I hope it’s the start of a little peaceful acceptance of each other. It’s such a sweet moment – fingers crossed for many more!

  5. 3yearsandhome

    They could be photos of my boys! They have a huge love/hate relationship. I think I have maybe two photos of them being nice to each other, the rest it appears that CK is pinning poor little BB to the floor. The trolley photos are awesome.

  6. jennypaulin

    i wonder of it would have lasted for longer had you not walked back in when you did? it is a very special oridinary moment and I hope you will get more of the same as time gets on and big brother accepts S and realoses that actually he will have a play mate eventually! I was lucky with my two they have always got on – I mean they have their moments of course but on the whole B always accepted J from when he was born. Good luck -I am sure if will be ok in the end :) the trolley sharing made me smile though xx

  7. TalesofaTwinMum

    We have moments where my boys love Eva to bits and other moments when they snatch her toys off her and push her over. I can see that as she starts to interact with them more their relationship is changing. I’m sure it’ll get to a stage when they can all play nicely together. I hope! Love the trolley pics – bless them! xx


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