Coping Strategies For Christmas

As i peruse the photo i took today of F role playing with his Playmobil advent calender i wonder if the scene may be a premonition of the Christmas to come.

A rabid reindeer running amok (representing the small ones) bodies strewn amidst the chaos (those sensible enough to get drunk) santa pleading for his life with a mere carrot (a warning that any negotiations involving carrots are futile).


This year i look forward to Christmas with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Excitement for Little F who at 3 will experience the true magic for the first time and trepidation that the expectations in my head will not live up to the reality. The presents won’t be good/plentiful enough, the dinner will be ‘yukky’, it didn’t fricking snow on his cue…..etc etc etc.

Throwing chocolate and toys at the selfish little buggers will only keep the peace for so long, thus i will do what any self respecting parent does best in such a situation and get pissed. This works particularly well at Christmas time when it is perfectly acceptable to start drinking at breakfast time and continue at pace throughout the day.

Bucks fizz with bacon and eggs, a pre-lunch pint down the pub, bubbles with the starter, wine (red, white, pink, whatever), early evening G&T’s, THE COCKTAIL MAKING COMPETITION, port, baileys and bed.

If nothing else it brings you down to the small ones level, mentally and sometimes even physically. Before you know it you are all shrieking, covering your faces in Ferrero Rochers and having a paddy over who gets the best cracker toys. If you can’t beat em, join em and all that.

I will bid you a happy holidays and leave you with my winning cocktail recipe from last year – yes i was the 2012 champion despite being heavily pregnant, actually i guess this may have helped my applepiemartinimixing skills! Anyway it is very easy to make, incredibly delicious and tastes just like Christmas embodied in a Martini glass. Perfect :)

Apple Pie Martini

  • 1 part Żubrówka vodka
  • 2 parts cloudy apple juice
  • Sprinkling of cinnamon
  • Apple garnish (if you can be arsed)

Merry Christmas one and all chin chin xxx

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8 thoughts on “Coping Strategies For Christmas

  1. Dean B

    I wish I could do that! But I’m afraid getting pissed in front of the in-laws is a bit of a no-no. So I’m going to save getting pissed on New Year’s Eve – big time! :) (The husband can take care of little T). Have a lovely Christmas!

  2. mummydaddyme

    Haha that Christmas scene may be reminiscent of our house! Merry Christmas Katie, wishing you and your boys a wonderful festive period. x


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