Christmas List Success Rates

The baby wanted:-

  • Unlimited access to wires and plugs sockets.
  • To play the ‘vacuum baby’ game ALL day long.
  • To snap the cd tray off the x-box.
  • REAL keys, phones and remote controls. Stop buying the toy stuff it’s shit.
  • To eat the cat.

Score: 0/5.


The boy wanted:-

  • Daddy to sell the car and buy a new one because I DON’T LIKE BLUE – I LIKE RED!
  • To drive the car on my own.
  • A real boat.
  • A vat of PVA glue with no quantity rationing.
  • All of the 234 die cast Disney cars and Mack the truck for ‘my collection’.

Score: 4/238.


Mummy wanted: –

  • 12 hours alone in a dark room.
  • Gin.
  • A label maker.
  • A spa day.
  • Gin.

Score 3/5.


Daddy wanted: –

  • A season ticket to Arsenal (WTAF?!)
  • A PlayStation 4.
  • Some space and time to brew my own beer.
  • Socks.
  • Pants.

Score 2/5.


The cat wanted: –

  • Some attention.
  • A bit of attention?
  • A very tiny bit of attention?
  • Steak.
  • A new cat bowl that colour co-ordinates with the rest of the kitchen.

Score 1/5.


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20 thoughts on “Christmas List Success Rates

  1. cariemay

    Love it! I’m not sure whether it would be better to have the gin twice or gin and a spa day but your label maker looks fabulous! And everyone looks very very happy despite, or perhaps because the cat remains uneaten!

  2. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    Haha love the bit about what the baby wanted! Sounds just like J. All he wanted to do was eat the wrapping paper, he chucked the presents that people bought him out the way in favour of a bead garland and even now when all the toys are out we find him sat making noises at the hoover. He’s obsessed!! x

  3. Jude

    Great post, relating to your baby’s disappointment on the real keys. My little one was gutted at the feeble plastic set we tried to fob her off with in an attempt to distract her from the real thing.


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