The Ordinary Moments – Squirty Cream in your face

You can’t really beat a good hot chocolate with squirty cream can you?

Unless you squirt the cream directly from the fridge into your mouth. A right of passage as far as I’m concerned.

I blame the bad weather!


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25 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Squirty Cream in your face

  1. Donna

    My first thoughts – HOW COOL ARE YOU!? I WISH I HAD A MUM LIKE YOU!! :)
    We never had squirty cream growing up and if we had my Mother was far too reserved to let us squirt it directly in our mouths – No drinking/eating straight from anything, ever!

  2. mummydaddyme

    I adore squirty cream, it’s quite possibly the best thing about winter in hot chocolate! Mads loves squirting it straight from the fridge too! x

  3. notafrumpymum

    I only got into hot chocolates when I was pregnant with O, before that I hadn’t been a fan. Oh how times change? I’m now an addict!

    And squirty cream straight into your mouth, heaven in a can!

  4. Olivia FitzGerald

    What a cool mummy you are. I’m so going to try this – I need to regain some street cred! I nominated you for a liebster by the way. Don’t know how you feel about awards but I wanted to share your blog with my fellow bloggers. :0)

  5. Jenny

    Life would not be complete without squirty cream in your mouth directly from the fridge. Agreed, a right of passage for sure. Love the pictures so cute. Jealous of said squirty cream!!!

  6. Katie

    Hello! I’ve just found your blog and it’s a wonderful read :) This brought back a memory of standing with my brother and cousin in my grandparents’ kitchen, heads craned back to catch a mouthful of squirty cream as my aunt ran back and forth with the can. Good times. xxx


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