The Ordinary Moments – Brotherly bonding

There has been no denying that we have struggled with a ‘bit’ of sibling rivalry since our family of three became four. We have been through a lot of emotions, it’s been frustrating and at times, incredibly sad.

But things have been charging lately and the odd glimpses of love that we had started to see have become more common place.

Going on the swings, play wrestling, chase, pushing cars about – these are all now things the boys can and do enjoy together and it’s SO good to see.

The baby, our mini mountaineer, climbs everywhere at the minute (see last weeks Moment) and I said to F we might have to sell him if he didn’t stop it.

His reply was ‘No Mummy, I want to keep him with us forever‘ :)


Every Sunday i link up with Mummy, Daddy, Me for the Ordinary Moments. Sharing a normal, everyday moment that captures the essence of family life. Nothing special, nothing remarkable but a memory that you don’t want to forget. AKA the nice part of my blog (usually).

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19 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Brotherly bonding

  1. Notmyyearoff

    They look so cute together and despite the rivalry it’s so sweet to see he wants to keep him :) I believe I used to be jealous when my little brother came along but eventually got used to it. I kept him too. 33 years and going now :)

  2. mummydaddyme

    Aw thats so so so sweet, and I am glad that glimpses of a bond are starting to come through. I often joke about throwing LL in the bin when she does naughty things and Mads told one of the ladies at nursery the other day that she was going to throw her sister in the bin. Very awkward.


    Aw that’s lovely, totally relate (as you know) and a lot of love-hate but my two are getting on a lot better, it must be tough for all siblings when a new kid’s in town. It takes time and lots of bribing but they get there in the end! x

  4. Donna

    Aw how cute are they? I’m so glad that the sibling love is starting to shine through. I hope you have many more loving moments and a lot less sad ones xx

  5. notafrumpymum

    Those photos are just too cute. A good friend of mine went through something similar when her son was born, her daughter was very jealous and it’s been hard work to build their relationship but they are close now.
    Must be lovely to watch their friendship growing xx

  6. tombriggs79

    It’s great when they start appearing to actually like each other! I remember having the same anxieties about my two when my older son consistently shrieked at/pushed/slapped his younger brother – and he still does at times, to be fair – but there’s much more love now and they even curl up to sleep in the same bed with each other now and then! :-)

  7. Actually Mummy

    Isn’t it lovely when you realise that no matter how much they appear not to get on, they still love each other? We had a shocker of a half term, but then in the next breath I caught them saying I love you to each other. Makes it all worth it.


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