Hurrah for the sun

Sometimes i wonder if perhaps my blog focuses too much on the down sides of parenthood, that i talk too much about the frustrating aspects of my children. But then i think ‘hey they provide the material, if they want to be painted in a more positive light then perhaps they should stop being such little @#*&!’s.’

I jest of course (a bit) and there are days when i really don’t have a jot to complain about. The suns recent show stopping performances have been leaving everybody in a very bright mood. For us its a chance to have a perfect kind of day.


A mosey along down to the seaside.


Shotgunning the red canoe.


Being able to run about and explore. All. Day. Long.


Watching the ‘beach’ world go by.


Riding your bike along the prom.


Just hanging about looking beautiful.


Always smiling and happy.


If you feel that a lone bunch of daffodils deserves a hug, knock yourself out.


Don’t forget to eat some of the vegetation.


Life seems to SPARKLE.

And then we get home and the baby gets annoyed that bigger things won’t fit into smaller things and F gets annoyed that the sticker he is trying to stick is not sticky enough. J gets annoyed that he can’t hear the football and I just breath a long sigh of relief; I was getting worried for a while that i may be running short of blog fodder…

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46 thoughts on “Hurrah for the sun

  1. Dean B

    Beautiful photos! I especially love the photo of you with your youngest :) Oh and hey, do send us some of that sunshine our way please? We’ve been covered in sea mist and fog for more than a couple of days now. xx

  2. notafrumpymum

    Sounds like you’ve had a lovely day, I’m only the teensiest bit jealous that you live by the sea, and of the sun! It’s been grey, cold and windy up North. Gorgeous photos xx

  3. muminahurry

    I can totally relate. Had a lovely time with the kids in the sun but it all went tits up when my son fell over and scraped his knee and everything after that felt SUCH hard work until finally the kids went to bed and I promptly burst into tears while trying to clean up the kitchen!!!

  4. muminahurry

    Bugger. Just commented but something didn’t take so here goes again.

    I can totally relate to this. We had a lovely time in the sun this afternoon and I felt bright and cheery but then all that was shattered when my son fell over and (not terribly badly but I can see why he was upset) scraped his knee and he screamed for 10 minutes. We had to bundle him into the car to go home and everything after that felt like HARD WORK. Finally they went to bed and I burst into tears!!!

  5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Beautiful photos! And I had to giggle, I took all of the teenagers with me out and about and it was a wonderful time! Nary a contrary word was uttered! I dropped them off at the grandparents and it only took five min before the bickering began and all was right with the world again! :)

  6. thenthefunbegan

    Brighton is such a lovely place to be when the sun comes out – you’re very lucky! JJ is also enjoying daffodil spotting – there was an awful lot of “dappodils”, “more dappodils” etc ad infinitum on our journey home from my Mum’s yesterday! #theordinarymoments

  7. Donna

    Oh I love the ending. I was worried that you were losing your touch, you’d turned rose tinted or that the sun had done something to your head! ;)

  8. cariemay

    Hurrah for the sun indeed – somehow parenting is so much easier outside where there are no buttons to press, toys to snatch from your sister, or CBeebies to be pleaded for!!

  9. Honest Mum

    Hahha, love this and so true-story is conflict (always has been and always will) but with shade, there is always room for light in screenwriting/writing and in life. Adored this post!

  10. melanie

    oh your pictures make me long for the sun where I am too! our beach days usually end in more sand being bought home than left outside and the eldest wailing every time a dog comes within five feet…as the youngest chases it…

  11. Jenny

    Wow what stunning photos of all of you. Looks like an amazing family day out at the beach with the sun on your backs. I am ever so jealous. What a beautiful place to go and be with your kids to run free and explore. That’s what Buba needs, we really do need to be outside more. I am bad because MM hates the stroller it gets harder to be outside too long holding her. I can’t wait till she can walk. Then they can explore like yours together! Gorgeous family pictures what great memories to capture and look back on someday.

  12. mummydaddyme

    What beautiful photos. I mention it every time you mention the beach but my god if I could live anywhere in the UK it would be Brighton. Not jealous at all. And I love that you write such amusing, real stuff about your kids. Parenting isn’t all soppy stuff (not that my blog would have you believe!) ;) x

  13. wrymummy

    Ha ha, love that “they provide the material” bit. Beautiful photos, reminds me how much I do like to be beside the seaside.xx

  14. Aileen

    This post could have been written for me for the majority of the weekend! We had some great times but if I didn’t write those good times down and take pictures all I would actually remember would be the screaming and the tantrums! Love your blog and your honesty :) Also love your pictures

  15. sparrow

    Just found your blog. Beautiful photos. Ah, sun! The sun is teasing us here. It pops out every once in a while, but there’s still no warmth. And the last two warm days have been rainy. Wish it would just be spring already.

  16. dearbeautifulboy

    So many beautiful photos Katie. The recent sunshine has definitely been a big mood picker-upper for our family too, and outdoor time seems to be making our little threenager a lot easier to manage. Everything just seems easier when the sun shines. x


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