The BHS school uniform range – A review


When I was offered the chance to review BHS’s school uniform range I may have done a small fist pump because as it happens, buying the final bits and bobs we needed for September has been hanging about on my to do list for a while. I was also very keen to try an alternative brand to Clarks shoes for reasons already explained (ahem).

When the package arrived in the post I was immediately impressed with the clothes but I had one small, but very real worry. How was I going to persuade the boy to take off the Buzz Lightyear birthday pajamas he has pretty much worn non stop for two weeks? The answer – Tangfastics! Come to think of it most of life’s problems could be solved with the adequate provision of Tangfastics, but I guess that’s another blog post.

Anyway I needn’t have worried because check out the results! Man alive, BHS’s ad agency is going to be quaking in its boots; how the hell are they going to be able to justify the hundreds of thousands they charge in fees now? All they need is me, my iPhone, a garden wall and a kid who loves Tangfastics :)











In all honesty i was really impressed with the quality of the clothes we received. The T-Shirts and trousers were probably on par with what you could get elsewhere for a similar price but we both LOVED the super cool coat by Duck & Dodge (£22) and the trainer style shoes which looked and apparently felt very comfy (£14). I am also very proud of myself for finding a much cheaper alternative to Clarks!

Disclosure: We were send products from the BHS school uniform range for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are entirely our own. If we didn’t like them I would say! I did buy my own Tangfastics though. Yum.


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14 thoughts on “The BHS school uniform range – A review

  1. Not A Frumpy Mum

    He’s definitely a little model in the making. Oh, that reminds me I have a bag of Tangtastics downstairs, a long forgotten reward for the kids at school which I came across when tidying :-) xx

    1. Katie Post author

      I thought of you and your girl when I was doing this babs! We should team up they could be the next brangelina ;)


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