Feeling proud


The weekend before last we all went to the park, It’s a pretty typical weekend activity for us if we have nothing planned. F particularly wanted to ride his birthday bike as has been the case pretty much continuously since we got it; fair enough.

As we were leaving J quickly grabbed a spanner on the off chance that he might fancy taking the stabilisers off. I was dubious, thinking it best he spend a bit more time getting used to pedalling first, being a balance bike fan pedals were still a very new concept to him.

I took the littlest to the play park and five minutes later I looked up to see F riding sans stabilisers as if he barely had to put any effort in. His little face beaming with excitement, like his whole world had suddenly expanded.

I was blown away, we both were. Five minutes it took, a couple of pushes, a couple of wobbles and off he flies. I was sure he would get it quickly, bikes and scooters have always been his thing, but I still remember struggling to learn myself when I was quite a bit older.

So there we are feeling so stupidly proud of our boy and wanting to shout it from the rooftops (*upload a video to facebook). But I’m also wondering…is this showing off? Does it look like we are boasting? By saying how easily he got it, are we sort of putting down other peoples kids who may have found it harder?

Should we play it down or should we let him have a well deserved moment in the sun?

They say you should be be happy in yourself, not compete and not compare; That as long as you are happy with what you are doing then what other people think doesn’t matter, but deep down as much as you want that to be true everyone knows its bullsh*t.

Sometimes you can’t beat a little bit of validation from other people that you rock at certain things. Just not everything , like Emma Watson, because that’s ridiculously unjust.

So we shared the video because in this instance he did really bloody well and it felt right that he should get a big pat on the back from all the people around him who love him and who also take delight in his achievements.

Riding a bike for the first time is kind of a big deal to a kid, especially one who is bike crazy. I don’t think I have ever felt as proud as I did on this day, and that pride was all just an extension of his own. He set his little heart on riding that bike and he bloody well nailed it.

He’s not great at everything, he can’t write his name of put his own shoe on but give him some wheels and he shines bright like a star…

August 23rd 2014, 10 days with a pedal bike and 5 minutes post stabilisers #proud



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27 thoughts on “Feeling proud

  1. josandelson

    What a star! He’s brilliant! Definitely shout it out to the world, it’s great to see a happy and confident little man learning to take over the running of the world in a few short years :) Jo x

  2. Leila Boukarim

    You should be proud and you should tell the world how happy you are about your son’a achievement! You’re not doing it to make anyone feel bad, you’re doing it cause you’re happy. Plus, some kids swim early, some read early, some ride bikes early… Those who feel bad about other kids doing better at something than their shouldn’t shouldn’t be comparing in the first place. We’re all different, and so are our children, and that’s okay.

    1. Katie Post author

      You are so right Leila! I guess if your kid did everything the best it would be annoying for people but once in a while it feels right to big them up ;)

  3. Emma T

    Yay, well done F.

    N’s the same in terms of picking up balance bike, scooting, pedalling trikes really easily. I do tend to forget that motion isn’t always so natural for all children – his older cousin still isn’t that great using pedals or a scooter.

    I thought he’d be ready to try a normal bike this summer, but I don’t want to use stabilisers as it undoes the work that the balance bike does. But he just tries to use it like a balance bike even thought the pedals are in the way.

    What made you try the bike with stabilisers having gone from a balance bike? I’m now wondering whether I should try them for a couple of weeks to get used to the pedalling underneath rather than in front which lots of trikes are like? Or I shall just wait til next summer.

    1. Katie Post author

      I actually thought we would never use stabilisers but then it dawned on me that he had no idea how to pedal so needed to master that first. We always thought we would take them off quickly before he got too used to them though. He had them on for a week and a half and then got it right away! I would definitely try that. The balance bike was a massive factor in him getting it so quickly too – love those things! X

  4. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    Look at him go! Awesome little dude. I think you’re allowed to post the odd proud moments on Facebook. You’ll appreciate my proud moment now you’re a Game of Thrones fan. The only video I’ve posted to FB is the eldest saying, ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’, in the most believable northern accent ever. Not bad for a kid who still sounds German when he speak English #proud xx

    P.S. No, we don’t let him actually watch GoT. He’s only three. However, I do shout that phrase round the house a lot. Trying to get Paul to change his name to Jon.

  5. Emma

    Sing it from the rooftops, why shouldn’t you?! There’s so much doom and gloom in the world that if someone is annoyed by F riding his bikes without stabilisers then they have the problem, not you!

  6. Notmyyearoff

    A huge well done to him – I love the video and the soundtrack, he looks like he has a really good talent for it. You never know, he could become your champion biker! Z can do well with the stabilisers on but I wouldn’t dare take his off just now.

  7. mylittledreamworld1

    Be proud of him :) my 4.5 year old can’t ride a bike. But I don’t feel bad because your son can and she can’t. Just like I can write but am rubbish at maths – everyone is different. Amelia has different skills and talents, and nothing she can / can’t do will make me love her less.

    Well done to your son xx

  8. Jenny

    Ahh bless, way to go! I would feel very proud too! What a great thing to accomplish so young. We really need to get one for Buba that you can to balance and then pedals. So great he got it so quickly. He looks very proud indeed! Hurray all around!

  9. Life at the Little Wood

    Bless him! You should be proud Katie, of course you should! And so should the little man, because it’s amazing! Go Mr F! :) xx


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