Christmas Gin

One of the nicest things that has happened to me lately is that I have started being sent free gin which has made me feel like a bloody genius for deciding to call my blog ‘Hurrah For Gin’. Yay go me – sweet :)

Firstly a lovely bottle of Hendricks which is one of my favourites for it’s lovely cucumber flavour. Thank you Waitrose!


Get your grubby mitts off my fancy gin!


And secondly one I had not tried before but loved imminently for its stylish bottle and the fact that the super kind lady who sent it also provide a smaller bottle for my ‘nappy bag’ <3 The Botanist. Upon tasting I am also pleased to tell you it’s also bloody delicious.

Having lots of lovely gin is great timing right now as my family always hold an annual cocktail making content on Christmas day evening. This is my recipe for this year:-

Rhubarb Gin Fizz
1 part Cawston Press rhubarb
1 part prosecco
1 part gin




If you like a bit of sour in your martini this is simple yet amazing! Fingers crossed ;)

Disclosure: The wonderful people at the Botanist sent me their gin out of the kindness of the hearts and did not ask me to write about it, I’m telling you because it really is delicious! Waitrose sent me a lovely bottle of Hendricks and provided me with ingredients to create my own choice of cocktail . It’s a tough gig but someone’s got to do it! See more of Waitrose Christmas drinks here.


P.S. I have a new book OUT NOW! You can nab it on Amazon here or in your lovely local bookshop :)


5 thoughts on “Christmas Gin

  1. TalesofaTwinMum

    Haha I love that they sent you one for the nappy bag too! You’ve just reminded me to go gin shopping. Hope you all have the most fabulous Christmas with lots of mulled things, gin (of course) and plenty of fun. xx

  2. Jenny

    That sounds like a wonderful cocktail I will have to try it. I can’t do gin and tonics but other gin cocktails are scrumptious. Love to create more with gin. What’s not to love? Glad you are getting freebies of gin what a great thing to call your blog. I should have called mine champagne and babies. lol hahahaha


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