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It occurred to me the other day that although I have been banging on about my foray into greetings cards on social media I haven’t talked about it on here; and soon as many people just follow this blog via email or visiting direct I thought I would give a quick into into my new venture how it all came about.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about how me and J got together, the last image I drew was of us sitting on the sofa. As it seemed to resonate with a lot of people J said ‘Hey you could make pictures like that into cards!’


So I did! And Gin Bunny Prints was born.

Logo long3

I got to work creating a small range of cards, mostly self indulgent stuff featuring gin, bunnies and the like (hence the name) and launched about two weeks ago.


I’ve been absolutely blown away by the support so far and although I’ve had much less sleep than usual and hardly any free time I’m surviving on the passion that comes from doing something you love! Plus a lot of support from my very wonderful family (and of course prosecco)…


The bag on the bottom left are orders from the weekend alone… zzzzzzzzzzzz


Lots of lovely instagrams from happy customers :) Although I am starting to slightly rue the day I decided to tie each order in pretty string and hand-make the gift tags!

Anyway that’s about it for now, I am hoping to keep the designs coming and maybe even branch out into offering bigger prints too.  I started out thinking this was very much a hobby, although if it ever could become something a little bit more then that would be lovely too.

You can check out my store on Etsy and follow GBP on facebook, instagram and twitter

Thank you :) x


P.S. I have a new book OUT NOW! You can nab it on Amazon here or in your lovely local bookshop :)


19 thoughts on “Gin Bunny Prints

  1. Sarah Stallard

    Just got my valentines card in the post today. It’s the sofa one which is exactly what we are doing now! Love it.
    Also loving the blog. As a fellow mum of a Felix your toddler stories make me laugh out loud (and reassure me that it’s all normal!xx

  2. Life at the Little Wood

    They are amazing Katie. I’m dying for a bigger print for my desk. A blogger related one perhaps?? Will be waiting eagerly! :) xx

  3. Donna

    Received Hubby’s Valentine’s card – thanks muchly! Ditch the tag and string, no-one will mind and will save you time and money! Yay for Gin Bunny Prints! You need one that says ‘I love you like bunnies love gin’ x

  4. Jess Paterson

    Thrilled for you that it’s going so well – I agree with Donna, ditch the string and tag, or at least print tags. Your fingers will be worn to the bone and then how will you hold your glass of prosecco without wincing? Love your prints, will be purchasing soon. Xx

  5. Carry On Katy

    These are really awesome and totally original! Can totally imagine seeing them in Smiths and all major retailers. Contact them and see what they think! You’ll be rich! You could build a house made entirely of Frozen Gin blocks. The possibilities are endless!!x

  6. Rebecca

    Well done you! I’ve just placed my order today. I’m in awe of how you’re managing to do this with small people around. You’re an inspiration for entrepreneurial mums!

  7. teacuptoria

    Hi Kate,
    I came across your blog when I was just thinking about starting my own blog last year and I loved it straight away. In fact you gave me the confidence to include my own doodles in my blog. I’d always thought they were a bit silly but your blog inspired me. I’m so glad I did because it’s giving me so much pleasure and at the end of the day, that’s what is should be about.
    Good luck, I’m sure it will be epic!


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