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Reader problems – How do I dress my baby appropriately in cold weather?

‘It seems too cold out for a normal coat, but when people see my baby dressed in a snowsuit they tell me he will get too hot. I also get told to take off his hat in shops but i don’t like to disturb him if he is asleep. What should i do?’ (Anon, 31)

Firstly don’t feel bad, you can’t possibly be expected to make such a critical judgement for yourself. The best thing to do is to bring several different outfit changes with you when you leave the house and adjust layering based on public opinion.

It might seem rude and unnecessary for people to comment on your choice of attire but they are only acting in interest of your babies safety. Learn to appreciate genuine concern.

Never make excuses. Yes your baby may be asleep but you should always remove their outerwear the minute you cross the threshold of a shop. It doesn’t matter if you are only popping in for a tube of toothpaste, babies have been known to spontaneously combust from overheating within 5 minutes. FACT.


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