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Is that a deal?

In the before time I used to work in digital marketing, planning and implementing advertising campaigns. One of the key parts of my job was securing the best deal on behalf of my clients budget so you may assume me to be well versed in the art of negotiation.

It is true that since the communication levels of the eldest became more developed i have relied heavily on my trusty aforementioned friend (AKA bribery) as means of ‘getting stuff done’.

You know, eat your dinner and you get your pudding, brush your teeth and you get an extra story, stop being such a little sh*t or mummy will run off and leave you – that kind of stuff.

It works, sometimes, but it relies on the principle of a meeting of common goals or reaching a win-win situation. I don’t think he quite gets that bit yet.

He does however get the whole concept of deals and what is in them for him, but when he tries to broker them himself he negates to include any give on his side. i.e: –

‘If the baby eats all his peas can i have ice-cream for pudding – is that a deal?’

‘If you put all my toys away then can i go on the i-Pad – is that a deal?’

‘If i get to take Lightning McQueen to bed then you can you kiss him goodnight – is that a deal?’

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